Major League Football (MLFB) Announces the Cities Under Consideration for its 6 Franchises

MLFB Releases Official Statement, 2022 Season Postponed

After receiving confirmation from Frank Murtha yesterday that a statement was coming, it has finally arrived. Major League Football (MLFB) released this excerpt today, revealing that the league cannot move forward with their 2022 plans as of right now.

This is an expected piece of news, considering the chaos that went down yesterday. Right now, it’s hard to know what is even going on inside the corporation. Yesterday, it became clear that things were coming to an end – and today has made that even more evident.

In their release, the MLFB claims that they are working diligently to get players back home, and figure things out. However, we are hearing a different story from the athletes themselves, as they have not been sufficiently compensated or helped quite yet.

Multiple sources have confirmed with us that the MLFB isn’t actively pursuing ways to get players home, even though they claim to be doing just that. Many are waiting on some form of help, but aren’t receiving any.

Murky MLFB Finances

On top of that, the league did file a 10-k form, which we reported on yesterday. Now that the details have been made known to the public, they certainly aren’t very comforting.

While we do not want to jump to conclusions without anything being officially confirmed, it’s not looking good. As of April 30th, the league had over $30 million in debt, despite not playing a single game.

Murtha does refer to the fact that there was an unexpected delay in funding, which caused the immediate shut down. However, it’s strange that the MLFB decided to kick off operations in the fashion that they did, due to their financial situation.

Considering the league is publicly traded, it makes you wonder what might actually be going on behind the scenes. Frank Murtha has promised to do what he can to assist the players, coaches, and staff – but actions speak louder than words. Right now, no tangible actions are being made.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds in the coming days. The future for the MLFB is bleak, to say the least. As more reports continue to make themselves known, we will gain a clearer picture of everything going on inside the organization.

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