Major League Football (MLFB) Announces the Cities Under Consideration for its 6 Franchises

Major League Football, Inc. Provides Important Updates

LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2023 / Frank Murtha, President and CEO of Major League Football, Inc. (“MLFB” or “we”) (OTC PINK:MLFB) is pleased to provide a progress report for the planned 2023 Spring Football Season. Our 10-Q for 1/31/23 is being filed today, but we want to supplement it with other exciting developments at MLFB that are not included in it. As noted in our last official release, our management team remains fully intact and continues to work on a variety of important items for our 2023 Season. In addition:

S-1 Registration: We have filed an S-1 Registration with the SEC for another $2.5 million dollar stock Equity line with Alumni Capital with whom we have an active S-1 in the same amount. This, coupled with the previously approved $2.5 million dollar Janbella line, gives us access to more working capital for the upcoming season.
Broadcast Partner: We have also been in extensive and active discussions with a major broadcast company to both telecast and stream our games. We have discussed using their extensive in house sponsorship sales force both locally and nationally. We are working with them on game dates which are best suited to be compatible with their stations’ overall schedule of broadcasts, and will be guided by that in setting the exact dates of our games and training camp. At this point, we anticipate that our games will be in June and July with training camp in May, 2023. We stress the importance of accommodating our broadcast partner on these dates.
Merger/Joint Venture: We have also been in extensive discussions with an investor group interested in forming a League similar to ours, with more direct fan ownership of portions of each franchise by individual local fans. We are discussing generally at this point a merger/joint venture, using our combined resources and expertise. More details will be provided as matters develop but this is an exciting and potentially beneficial venture for MLFB.
NFL Player Investment: We are pleased to announce that 4 former and current NFL players and some of their family members are investors in, and supporters of MLFB.

Footage of the recent Houston Combine, hosted by Derron Griffin, is available on our website. Several of our coaches attended, and participated in, including Terry Shea and Earnest Wilson. You can also access archived releases and filings at