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What We Know About The MLFB Right Now: Is It Over?

Major League Football (MLFB) has generated some big time press over the last few days – but not for the right reasons. On Thursday, the league was abruptly interrupted. It was revealed that the MLFB had not paid hotels in the city of Mobile, Alabama, where all four teams were practicing.

Within just a few hours, a collapse was inevitable. Players were kicked out of their hotel rooms, with nowhere to go. While the MLFB stayed silent for the first 24 hours, multiple reports made it clear: the organization was in grave danger.

Then, on Friday, the MLFB finally released a statement. It didn’t hold much weight to it, as the phrasing was quite vague. Most of what was said was fluff, not providing anyone with solutions for these major problems.

Throughout the chaos, players were left on their own. In contrast to their statement, it was obvious that the league wasn’t doing anything to reconcile the situation. Multiple players, coaches, staff, etc. were stuck to figure things out on their own. Some coaches paid out of their own pockets for players, while others were stranded for days until they could find a way to get home.

Since releasing that statement, the league has gone quiet. While Frank Murtha (CEO of the MLFB) claims that they are doing everything in their power to rectify the wrong, multiple sources have confirmed with us that this is not the case.

So, what in the world is going on over at the MLFB? Is Frank Murtha going to shut the league down? Sadly, more questions than answers currently exist. That being said, let’s look at the facts that we know about now; and what they mean for the league’s future.

MLFB Likely Done

As we reported yesterday morning, everything points towards the MLFB being shut down for good. There’s plenty of reasons for this conclusion to be made, which we will get to throughout this article. However, major sources close to the situation at hand have confirmed what we believe to be true: the MLFB will not be able to recover from this fiasco.

To be quite frank, (no pun intended…), Frank Murtha has lost the trust of essentially everyone involved, and rightfully so. No one is reasonably going to have any desire to return to a league that lied to them, misled them – and then left them with no support.

As one of our sources said; Frank should have been on the first flight to Mobile to help clear this situation up. Instead, he laughed in player’s faces on the phone, when they called him to get clarity as to what was going on.

Financial State: Disastrous

If anyone shouldn’t be laughing, it’s Frank. The MLFB released their Annual 10-K Form alongside their statement – and it’s pretty bad. Actually, it’s worse than pretty bad. As of April 30th of this year, the MLFB has an accumulated deficit of $30 million, without playing a single game.

As if things didn’t look sketchy enough, Josh Boutwell did a bit of digging, just to find this:

So, the MLFB paid their players only $50, for 13 straight days of practice in the Alabama Heat. Then, they leave these athletes, coaches, and personnel by the wayside. Meanwhile, Murtha has paid himself almost $400 grand over the course of the past two years.

To put it in perspective, the league’s rumored hotel debt is around $80,000. Apparently, the MLFB can afford to pay Frank over $200k this year alone, yet they can’t provide coverage for their players who already went out of their way to get to Alabama? Make it make sense. It doesn’t.

Players Treated Miserably

Sadly, the players have been treated in the worst possible way. This goes way back to when training camps started. Many people have confirmed with us that the MLFB didn’t even provide food to the players on certain days, as they were left to fend for themselves multiple times before and after practices.

The league continued to lie to its athletes, saying that things would be paid for and taken care of. Obviously, this never happened. Sadly, the MLFB seems to be built upon smoke and mirrors, and now the athletes are paying for it.

Yesterday, an official email sent to players was released to the public. In its contents, we can see that the league clearly doesn’t have any way to financially cover for this mess.

Even though Frank said that the league plans on contacting the players to compensate for their inconveniences, it’s hard to tell if that is actually the truth. So far, Murtha has not done anything to confirm that the players are in his best interest.

Now, this isn’t to say that the MLFB as a whole is responsible. There are many people across the board who are doing whatever they can to help the situation at hand.

Rumor has it that tomorrow will bring more information, and possibly some financial clarity. Hopefully, we will see the league at least take accountability for treating their players the way they did.

Final Thoughts

Things look pretty bleak for the MLFB right now. Again, everything that we’ve collected and discovered over the past few days has pointed towards a dark future.

Sadly, these issues likely could have been avoided, had the league provided more financial stability. The MLFB was supposed to have $10 million in credit on the way, but we have no idea where that is. Even if it arrives, the odds of the MLFB having access to all of it right away are extremely low. Any investors the organization may have had on the horizon won’t be showing up now.

The tough part about all of this, is the opportunities good people have been robbed of. Players, coaches, etc. left stable positions, or left other options on the table to pursue the MLFB. Now, the league is in serious trouble, with nothing to look forward to.

Even if this entire debacle was because of a funding delay, the league has handled the situation terribly. The MLFB should be ashamed of themselves for not ensuring that their players would be treated in a professional manner. Hopefully, they do something to make up for the damages caused – but, these scars will remain for a while.

As reports continue to surface, we will keep the public as informed as possible. Our sincere apologies go out to all the families, athletes, and personnel impacted by this situation.

Do you think this is the end for the MLFB? How can the league possibly return from a disaster like this? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!