USFL Files For National Spring Football League Trademark | USFL XFL Merger

USFL Files For National Spring Football League Trademark

It might just be happening. The USFL has officially filed trademarks for the National Spring Football League and NSFL brands, on September 22nd.

The pieces are beginning to come together for a potential USFL-XFL merger. Since the news broke last week, rumors have run wild regarding how the framework would look.

We reported last week that a name change was certainly in play, as both leagues have been discussing new branding since these talks began.

In addition, the NSFL brand is something we’ve closely watched over the last week. While the National Spring Football League wasn’t officially trademarked until a few days ago, it was already a subsidiary of FOX Sports, which owned the USFL team brands.

Now, the National Spring Football League name is 100% in play for a USFL-XFL merger. The deal hasn’t officially gone through, but if/when it does, it would make sense to see a branding change.

Final Thoughts

The question remains: who is running these discussions behind the scenes? We know that it was Redbird Capital, on the XFL’s side of things, who initiated these talks back in July.

Considering it is the USFL who has filed for these trademarks, one would be led to believe that they might have more pull in these talks. They have already confirmed that they are set for season three, no matter what the outcome might be in regards to a merger.

Nothing is set in stone as of now. In fact, this trademark might not mean anything in the long-term if a merger isn’t completed. That being said, this is a story to watch even more closely moving forward.

What are your thoughts on the National Spring Football League branding? Do you think the NSFL is too close to the NFL? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!