The Spring League Reveals Rosters For South Division Teams

The Spring League Reveals South Division Transactions

Week two TSL action is right around the corner, and just now the league has revealed all of the transactions for its South Division. Some were expected and some come as a bit of a surprise. You can check out the full list of transactions, by team, below.


The first one on the list is one we already knew. Last week prior to The Spring League’s return, former Dallas Renegades quarterback Eric Dungey announced he would miss The Spring League because he had been invited to a Cincinnati Bengals minicamp. The, yesterday the news started making the rounds that Dungey had earned a spot on the team cementing his departure from the Blues.


We already knew one new name that would be joining the Generals. Earlier this week, The Spring League reveled the blockbusters news that former Super Bowl Champion linebacker Brandon Marshall would be joining Mallett and co. The Generals will also be adding linebacker Malcom Howard, defensive back Tareki Lewis and offensive linemen Blake Camper.

Additionally, the team has release defensive linemen Andre Bird-Pierre and linebacker D’Darrin Primes. Additionally, due to injury, linebacker Josh Banderas will not be retuning.


For the Jousters, we have running back Bruce Anderson and tight end Matthew Wilkerson joining the team. Running back De’Lance Turner has been released. We have two names under IR, wide receiver Damore’ea Stringfellow, who will not be retuning. Additionally tight end Donnie Ernsberger who had a stellar performance in week one, is listed in IR as well, but may return this season.

Sea Lions

The Sea Lions show up this week with the most transactions, hoping to shake things up a bit. Joining the team we have, defensive linemen Nick Williams, wide receiver Tristen Wallace, offensive linemen Jordan Mills, defensive back Garrett Davis, offensive linemen Glen Bethel and lastly offensive linemen Robert Myers.

Leaving the team is defensive end Chester Graves, running back Matt Jones, tight end Matthew Wilkerson, wide receiver Kendrick Rogers and defensive back Antonio Dawkins.


Week two of The Spring League kicks off today (May 15) at 3pm ET on FOX, when the Conquerors take on the Alphas. We’ll keep you posted as more information on the 2021 TSL season comes out.

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