St. Louis Battlehawks Select Jahcour Pearson in UFL Dispersal Draft

St. Louis Battlehawks Select Jahcour Pearson in UFL Dispersal Draft

If things weren’t exciting enough in St. Louis, Anthony Becht didn’t disappoint in today’s UFL Dispersal Draft. With the number two overall pick, the St. Louis Battlehawks snagged former Seattle Sea Dragons wide receiver Jahcour Pearson.

The 5’7”, 178-pound receiver was featured on last year’s All-XFL Team, leading the league in completions, yards, and first downs. What Pearson might lack in size is compensated for tenfold in speed and elusiveness. By far Seattle quarterback Ben DiNucci’s favorite target, Pearson got twenty more targets than anyone else on the team, and they were a force to be reckoned with.

Heartbroken St. Louis fans will undoubtably remember this run from Pearson, evading seven Battlehawks defenders to seal the game for Seattle and do irreparable damage to the Battlehawks’ post-season aspirations. As terrible as that was, there’s a lot to take from highlights like this: Pearson is a superstar, he can wreak havoc, and now he plays for the St. Louis Battlehawks. Just 25-years-old, there’s a lot more where that came from.

Already posting some of the best offensive metrics in 2023, the Battlehawks have now gotten even better. Alongside the talent of Hakeem Butler, the addition of Pearson is an absolute boon to St. Louis’ quest for their first Championship. The 2024 season is set to be a fun one.

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