Norm Chow interested in Cardale Jones for LA Wildcats

Cardale Jones is once again a free agent

A few weeks back Norm Chow had shown interest in Cardale Jones. Shortly after, Jones was signed to the Seahawks practice squad. It seemed in the leagues search for 7 more tier one qbs, they let this one slip through their fingers.

It now seems that the XFL has another chance to execute. Yesterday it was announced that the Seahawks were going to go another direction, and Cardale Jones has been released. So far Landry Jones is the only tier 1 quarterback that has been officially named by the league. The XFL Draft is coming sometime next month, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

We still don’t know if the tier 1 quarterbacks will be part of the main draft, a secondary draft or assigned to the teams. Assuming they are assigned, I’m sure the Wildcats staff have been making some phone calls.