Why We're Thankful for Spring Football (USFL, XFL & more)

Why We’re Thankful for Spring Football (USFL, XFL & more)

It’s here, the time of year to be thankful for what you have in life and to eat entirely too much. It’s been a yearly tradition here at Pro Football Newsroom since the days of XFL2K to discuss why we are thankful for the XFL. This year we’re putting a slight twist on the subject.

Join the Newsroom Crew as we discuss the reasons we’re thankful for spring football. This includes The Spring League, FCF, USFL, XFL and any other alternative football leagues.

Jake Henry

I’m thankful for the XFL and USFL, and all alternate football in general because of the opportunity it opens for all. It’s a great opportunity for the players, fans, and media. More football is great, and year round football is even better.

James Larsen

Well, it has been another interesting year concerning spring football. We’ve had leagues come and go, we’ve had the XFL pushed out another year, and now the surprise return of the USFL in 2022. There is quite a bit going on in the spring football arena.

However, I couldn’t be more thankful for everything going on. When it seemed like the pandemic was going to take down spring football for good, it is now coming back, and stronger than ever.

One league I am specifically thankful for is The Spring League. After the XFL went under, it seemed like spring football wasn’t meant to be. However, the TSL came along and provided a lot of entertainment in the fall of 2020, and spring of 2021. For spring football fans around the world, the TSL was a breath of fresh air during a turbulent time, and I’m grateful for its existence.


XFL Mike – Let’s Talk XFL Podcast

2021 has been a year full of change. Back in the spring we lost my mother, this summer I moved to Florida and got engaged with my fiancé Missy. I’m thankful for the XFL and some normalcy to return in the resurrection of the league. In addition, I’m grateful for my listeners and to XFL Newsroom for welcoming me into its family of contributors. (Could insert Episode 4.5 “Happy Thanksgiving”)

Stephan ‘The Ref’ Rachuk

Before I jump into it, I must admit that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. There’s something to being around those that you love and filling your bellies until you need to loosen your belt a few notches.

When we first started this project we were specifically focused on the XFL. After the league was forced into bankruptcy due to the COVID pandemic, we were devastated. Although we were always hopeful that the league would re-group, we knew there was a good possibility that they may not. Fortunately, the league has a new ownership group that is working towards a 2023 return.

With the shift from the XFL, we’ve started covering all alternative leagues, and with the USFL returning next year we’re thankful for another opportunity to cover a new league. Needless to say, we’re forever grateful for the wonderful folks that choose us as their source for spring football news. Without you we wouldn’t be approaching our 4th anniversary this January.

Hopefully everyone out there has a great Thanksgiving this year, let us know the reasons you’re thankful for spring football down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

Owner/Editor Pro Football Newsroom

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