XFL Trading Cards Now Available from Topps

XFL Trading Cards Now Available from Topps

It’s been a rough couple weeks for XFL fans. The league may (possibly) be over for good, but we may have some good news for the collectors out there. It was reported that Topps would be publishing trading cards for the XFL, but all we’ve seen so far was XFL cards part of the Topps NOW series where cards are released each week based on the biggest plays.

Although we couldn’t see the conclusion of the XFL season Topps has released the set via their online store. As of now we don’t know if these will appear on retail shelves, but considering that many of the population is on lock-down this may be your best option to obtain them.

You have two options to purchase the XFL trading cards. First, is the Hobby Box, which retails for $72 and contains 24 packs. Each pack has 10 cards and the box guarantees 3 autograph cards.

The second is the Value Box for $20 and contains 10 packs of 10 cards each.

As of now there’s no way to purchase the complete set and we may not see an option. Considering the XFL has filed for bankruptcy it’s likely that once these sets are sold out they’ll be gone for good.

UPDATE: It looks like both options are now sold out at Topps.com. As we stated earlier, this may have been your only chance to get in on these but we’ll let you know if they re-stock.

UPDATE II: Topps.com has both boxes back in stock… for now…. Get them while you can!