XFL Trademarks 'Football Advisory Network'

XFL Trademarks ‘Football Advisory Network’

It’s been a busy week for XFL news. Between the XFL Draft details and Season Ticket selection, there’s been a lot to soak in. Today a new trademark went live for the league, the Football Advisory Network.

What is the Football Advisory Network? We’ll, it’s actually already live. The Football Advisory Network is a site that is exclusive to season ticket holders. Once selection went live, there was also an option to sign up for the network.

So far, we’ve seen at least one survey come through asking season ticket holders about their expectations for the seasons and furthermore, asking for their suggestions. It also serves as a central location for XFL News and as a semi-social network site for XFL season ticket holders. So, if you’ve already reserved your season tickets, join the Football Advisory Network and join the fun!

You can view the full trademark filing below:

XFL Football Advisory Network