This is The XFL Podcast - Ep. 7: Tebow Time!

XFL reportedly reached out to Tim Tebow

It appears as though XFL CEO and Commissoner Oliver Luck has already reached out to current New York Mets farmhand and outfielder Tim Tebow to see if he had any interest in joining the soon-to-be-revived XFL.

“The odds of the XFL landing the NFL’s more prominent castoffs, though, seem slight,” reads a recent article from Dan Greene of Sports Illustrated. “Luck ran into Tim Tebow at the Clemson-Alabama national title game in January and says he informally gauged the 31-year-old’s interest in getting under center again, but Tebow reaffirmed his commitment to baseball.”

Tebow appears to be committed to playing baseball as part of the Mets organization while he remains only one step away from the big leagues.