Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

XFL Players Free to Sign With NFL

Earlier today we officially learned what we had all expected; the XFL has suspended their inaugural season. The announcement came after the NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS suspended their games, not to mention the NCAA cancelled March Madness.

When the XFL made the announcement that the season would be suspended, fans online had hoped it would return for the playoffs. Unfortunately, it seems like the season is over. We’re just now learning that the XFL has informed their players that they are free to sign with the NFL or any other league once their exit physicals are completed tomorrow.

Even if things do clear up, this pretty much cements it. If players are free to sign with other leagues, then the option to return this season is out the door. In the XFL’s statement they said players will receive their base pay for the season and season ticket holders can receive a refund or put the money towards next years season ticket reservation. This is an unfortunate break for the XFL, but for all intents and purposes it looks like it’s game on for the league in 2021.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more on this matter, but may have seen PJ Walker, Jordan Ta’amu, Cam Phillips among many others for the last time.

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