XFL FOX Debut Draws Great Numbers — Scoring a 2.3

XFL FOX Debut Draws Great Numbers — Scoring a 2.3

Yesterday we reported that the XFL’s debut on ABC drew huge ratings, drawing 3.3 Million — over 1 Million more than the NBA Prime time game. Today Fox has shed some light on the numbers for Saturday’s late game between the Los Angeles Wildcats and Houston Roughnecks.

The event drew a 2.3/6 metered mart rating for the night. Although we’re still waiting on the full numbers, this is great news for the league. Houston led the pack in TV markets, followed by St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Dallas and Atlanta/Kansas City. Interestingly, Los Angeles did not make the top s markets. This really shouldn’t be a huge surprise as the LA market is soft on their NFL franchises as well.

It’s great to see that the league was a rating success. It’s even better to see that most of the comment online have been positive.

We’re still waiting on the viewership numbers for the Sunday games, we’ll keep you posted as they come in.