Will XFL Fans Tune Into the 2021 CFL Season?

Will XFL Fans Tune Into the Upcoming 2021 CFL Season?

Ever since the news came out that the CFL and the XFL were talking about creating a business partnership, social media has been a frenzy. Some negative, but mostly positive on both sides of the border. Technically, we really don’t know what the outcome of these discussions will be. That being said, CFL insiders seem to believe that this is headed towards a merger between the two organizations.

With the XFL’s 2022 season on hold until discussions are complete with the CFL, we wanted to know if XFL fans would be tuning into the upcoming CFL season.

The results of our Twitter poll show that over 50% of respondents plan on tuning in, with a split between no and not sure. If I were the CFL, I’d love seeing these results. The Canadian Football League has been struggling building a new fan-base, and I feel that 2021 is possibly the most anticipated CFL season in a long time.

We’re excited about the outcomes of these talks, and looking forward to the CFL draft early next month. We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on the CFL/XFL partnership.

Will you be tuning into the upcoming CFL season? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.