What are the Odds that the XFL Returns in 2022?

What are the Odds that the XFL Returns in 2022?

As the sports world has been back in full affect since COVID-19 has completely shut it down, there is one league that has yet to return and that is the XFL.

The XFL was in mid-season in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic first started and they followed in the footsteps of the other sports leagues and shut down their season on March 12, 2020. Since then, there have been plenty of speculations as to when they would return.

However, a lot has changed since they shut down as it is now under new ownership as the former CEO and President of the league, Vince McMahon has sold it to his former WWE employee, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson along with businesswomen, Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital.

With the XFL now being under new ownership, online sportsbooks have odds on if they will be making a return in 2022.

Will The XFL Play A Game In 2022?

  • Yes+175
  • No-240

The fact that XFL odds are favoring that the league does not play a game in 2022 may surprise some as there have already been plenty of rumors that 2022 is their target to return. Not to mention, those rumors were then backed up by the owners themselves who made an announcement that they will be back by spring 2022.

For the love of football and for the safety of our players and fans, we’ll be back on the field in 2022— The opportunity in front of us, with our new ownership, is simply too big to rush back. We want to do this properly with care and thought for everyone who loves football, especially our players, coaches, partners and fans,” said Jeffrey Pollack, XFL President and COO.

That being said, since talks between the leagues has been confirmed by the CFL, the XFL  has placed their 2022 season on hold.

Sources close to the league indicate that 2022 is still the goal, but time is running out. If betting odds are any indicator, it looks like we may need to wait another year to see the XFL return for a third time… which I’ve heard is a charm.

Something else to look forward to when the XFL returns would of course be the many betting lines and odds that they come with.

Do you think we’ll see the XFL return in 2022? Will we need to wait until 2023? Let us know down in the comments or join the conversation on Discord.