Tony Khan Reviving AAF to Compete Against XFL

Tony Khan Reviving AAF to Compete Against XFL

Just one day before the 1-year anniversary of the demise of the Alliance of American Football we’re learning that it will be returning. The AAF was the pseudo-precursor to the XFL, trying to get a jump on the league by starting a year before the McMahon’s new iteration would kickoff.

People have a lot of fond memories of the AAF, it’s downfall came down to proper funding. Shortly before the AAF played its inaugural game they lost their main investor Reggie Fowler when he was arrested and set to stand trial for bank fraud. Things were looking bad, but then Tom Dundon came in to seemingly save the league from folding.

The idea was that Dundon would come in and use his connections to build the AAF into a feeder league for the NFL. When the writing was clearly on the wall, Dundon pulled the plug on the Alliance only 8 weeks into the season when it promptly shut-down.

Well, if you were a fan of the AAF and were looking forward to some head-to-head spring football competition, we have some good news for you. Tony Khan, who recently founded AEW to compete with the WWE has announced that he has bought the rights to the AAF and plans to bring it back in 2021. The details are still limited as this news has just been announced.

The news broke when Khan announced that he would be reviving the AAF on Twitter earlier this morning. Needless to say, this news is a bit shocking. I don’t think there was anybody that would expect we’d learn that the Alliance of American Football would be announced on April 1st.

The AAF Website website has also been updated to display Khan’s historic announcement. However you look at it, we can expect some exciting times as we head into the 2021 season. We’ll keep you updated as more news comes out.

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