Tim Tebow Comments on the XFL

Tim Tebow Comments on the XFL — “There Was Communication”

Since the XFL was announced, people had speculated…. and hoped that Tim Tebow would join the new league. Clearly, the season has kicked off and Tebow is nowhere to be found. He is currently part of the New York Mets AAA franchise, The Syracuse Mets. He spent spring training in 2019 with the New York Mets, and returned to Syracuse to start the 2019 season. Between June 28 and July 5, 2019, Tebow hit three home runs over a AAA six game stretch for the Syracuse Mets, his best performance as a professional baseball player to date.

This past Sunday he was asked if the XFL had reached out to him to join the league. “There was some communication,” Tebow told reporters on Sunday regarding the XFL at a press conference held in connection with his current gig as an aspiring Major League Baseball player in the Mets organization.

Tebow went on to say that he loves what they’re (XFL) is doing, I think it has a chance to have success. He thinks there needs to be a place like the XFL to be around to give players that deserve a chance to play a home.

Like we mentioned earlier, at this point it should be no surprise that Tebow isn’t joining the XFL. But, it’s great to see he believes in the league. As the XFL grows, it will become more enticing for players to join, especially early in their careers.