St. Louis BattleHawks Reveal Secondary Logo

St. Louis BattleHawks Reveal Secondary Logo

We were hoping to see the St. Louis BattleHawks secondary logo at the preseason match-up against The Renegades, but no beans. After week 1 concluded and it never came, most had assumed the team had opted not to have one.

If you were one of those people, you were wrong. Today, the BattleHawks revealed their alternative logo via a short video package on social media.

In my opinion, I like it… just not as much as the main logo. Which, I suppose is kind of the purpose. Let us know your thoughts on the BattleHawks secondary logo down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. I like the secondary logo. It kinda pay homage to the Air Force with a style of the Rank Patches. With added in the Arch of St.Louis. I would love to get some merchandise of that logo as well as our Primary logo. I really like both logos.

  2. Love it! It has the gateway arch I know. But does it have a bird or just wings on the secondary logo?
    Trying to find out. I live in Houston but I have 4 teams I like, 4 I don’t like. 4 I like: Roughnecks, Battlehawks, Renegades, Defenders.

  3. I like the secondary logo better. I feel like the primary logo’s sword is way overdone. It looks like it belongs at a renaissance fair. I would buy apparel with this secondary logo instead.

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