28,000 Expected for St. Louis BattleHawks Home Opener

St. Louis BattleHawks Open Upper Deck for Week 7

Ever since the team locations were announced St. Louis has been a fan favorite on the internet. A lot of this stems from the fact that this is the only host city without an NFL team with the Rams moving to Los Angeles just a few years ago.

Beyond being fan favorites online, they also lead the league in attendance — drawing 57,081 loud BattleHawks fans over two games. It had been speculated that the franchise may open up more seats in The Dome. Well, today the franchise has officially announced they will open seating in the upper deck of The Dome for their week 7 match-up against the Los Angeles Wildcats.

If you’re interested on attending the game, tickets for these new sections will go on sale this Friday at 10am. The St. Louis BattleHawks are currently leading the East with a 3-1 record. St. Louis is on the road for the next two weeks, with their next home game taking place week 7. More and more, St. Louis is proving themselves as a major competitor in the XFL and a fan favorite in ST. Louis.

As you can see below, three are very few seats left for the game in the lower-bowl as it stands. You can expect to see a packed house and maybe the loudest game of the year so far.

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