Shawn Oakman Reveals Why He Was Released from Wildcats

Shawn Oakman Reveals Why He Was Released from Wildcats

During the 2020 XFL season, there was a lot of interesting news coming out of the Los Angeles Wildcats. Prior to the season starting Coach Moss decided to cut Shawn Oakman from the team, which drew a lot of attention at the time. Not only was this Oakman’s return to football, but he looked to be an important piece of the Wildcats defense.

The cut didn’t stick though, when franchises all officially announced their season roster Oakman was now back with Los Angeles. At the time, there wasn’t much information on what transpired. But now, thanks to an interview with Cynthia Conte, we have a lot more details on what took place early in the season between Oakman and the Wildcats.

It was on the field, but it was deeper than that. I had made a play on a player and we were supposed to do two hand touch and in my head I am just going full speed…. In my head I had something to prove, I had a chip on my shoulder, all these guys have been playing football, I hadn’t and I’m still trying to get it. I am still trying to prove that I am still that same person that ya’ll seen in College.

So I grabbed the kid and tried to twirl and the head coach didn’t like it. So that day, I had also tackled the quarterback and made another dumb play. That last play was the burner”

Oakman goes on to say that Coach Moss didn’t let him practice for the rest of the day. He later texted Moss and asked if he should pack his bags. Moss responded yes.

“It was deeper than just that play, that I didn’t realize after the fact, because Coach Moss really thankful for him because as I was at the airport, I was blowing up his phone.. with like I know what I can do… I was just playing fast… But I knew I couldn’t practice that way… but when he(Coach Moss) finally reached back to me he was like OK, I understand what you are saying but now I want you to go to therapy, get help with whatever you need to get help with and I’ll bring you back”

Since the XFL shuttered its doors, Oakman says he is now working on a book and said that he has recently signed with The BC Lions of the CFL. It’s great to see Oakman still making positive moves and we hope to see him back in the XFL if it does return.

You can listen to the full interview below: