Will the XFL Return? Here's What We Know So Far

PROPOSAL: Start XFL TV in 2021 and Kickoff in 2022

A big question in the XFL fanbase is “when will the league return?” While there is no definite answer, you can always make a proposal. So, start the TV show side of the league in 2021 and begin play in 2022…

As The New York Post reported, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Gerry Cardinale want to get into the XFLs TV show potential. With that in mind, why not have a TV show that starts in March 2021 after the draft. The first season of the show could cover an 8 month span giving each team a month to introduce the players, staff, and even front office staff. 

More things the show could include:

  • Player/Family interviews
  • Virtual stadium tour
  • “Day in the life” with key players/coaches
  • Player makes his favorite Dinner for the fans
  • Players Workout routines

The only thing to change with the game side of the XFL is the year. Sure, change some rules but there’s really not a need to change it. There’s no reason to change anything because it worked. As they always say “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” 

It’s a short proposal, but you don’t really have anything to work with. There’s so much we don’t know, and so much we need to learn. What are your thoughts? Would you add anything? And would you change anything? Let us know!

This article may be revisited in the future when there is more information available. 

  1. These blogsites are a trip. Not actual legitimate sources for info. This horrible idea would tank hard. No one wants to watch a magazine show about a league not playing yet. I don’t know why I read these blogger entries, some dude’s daydreams from his couch, instead of actual access. I gotta stop.

  2. You know what? I didn’t realize the writer is 16 years old. This is actually very good for a 16 year old. The site is still a blog, but this is good work for a student.

  3. If a condensed season cannot fill the void of an empty college football season; then I say, “Lets get the teams in training this fall, and start the XFL full blast mode, and keep the XFL vibrations going, before XFL 3.0 may end up losing its appeal period. The virus situation is overblown anyway, so lets open the stadium doors now.

  4. Don’t start the season in 2021. Without fans the league can’t make money. The Rock should look for buyers of each team to help share the cost . Open 2022 season with a bang !

  5. I don’t think anything should change with the XFL. I truly enjoyed watching this pass season. I love the kickoff and punt return rule the most. I wish all levels of football from peewee to NFL would adopt that rule. I think it would make football safer at an early age.

  6. I think that the XFL should find a way to play in 2021 like all of the other leagues from grade school up to the pros have. In my opinion a lot of guys that are able to make an XFL roster have a small window to play football and with the 2020 season shortened their clock to play football hasn’t stopped ticking. The best Opportunity for them would be to play in a bubble in a reduced season.

  7. I am looking to see some of those players who go unnoticed or overlooked, but are powerful players. So, with that in mind will undrafted free agents in 2019 who received and invitation but was not drafted by the XFL have the opportunity to enter the next upcoming draft? It’s going to be excited to see what Dwayne, Danny and Gerry bring to the set. Sounds like a great TEAM who will give the little guy a place on a team to shine and bring the THUNDER!

    ROCK ON XFL!!!

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