Oliver Luck Details the XFL’s New Strategy – Cheddar.com

Oliver Luck sat down with Cheddar to discuss the details of the “NEW” XFL. Commissioner and CEO Luck told Cheddar the league will succeed because it’s “much more knowledgeable about issues with football, particularly brain health,” and that there is a “deeper pool of competent players.”

  • Luck explained that the XFL’s strategy is to appeal to die hard football fans, NFL season ticket holders, and people who regularly watch but don’t have football to consume during the off season. He says that they have the next year to create the most crisp, quality version of their product and to obtain players that they think will succeed.
  • Luck says that they want to sign college football players that just barely don’t make the cut in to the NFL, whether it’s because they’re too small, too short, or too slow.
  • He said one of their main focuses for linear success is broadcast and cable exposure. They’ll be announcing powerful partners in those fields within the next couple weeks.
  • Luck said, with XFL as a startup, filling the stadiums and obtaining season ticket holders is the most important place to start. They plan to use the same traveling and marketing strategies that WWE uses with WrestleMania, Raw, and SmackDown Live.
  • He confirmed that fantasy leagues, betting, and mobile wagering will all be available through the XFL, likely through a platform they’ll supply.
  • Luck said the XFL will be a more up-tempo, physical game of football and they will be modifying upwards of a dozen rules, a few of them being major deviations from the current NFL rule book.

Watch the full interview below: