Meet Heather Brooks Karatz and Norm Chow August 8th | XFL News

Meet Heather Brooks Karatz and Norm Chow August 8th

Yesterday we posted about Houston Team President Brian Michael Cooper holding a Q&A on August 8th. Now, we’re learning that XFL LA has some plans of their own as well. Heather Brooks Krataz, XFL LA Team President and Norm Chow, Offensive Coordinator for the franchise are going to be holding a Q&A the same day.

Keep in mind, this is after we’ve been hearing reports that the XFL will be announcing team identities some time next week. Although there is no guarantee, we have been receiving numerous reports and leads that this will in fact be the case. It would make sense to hold some fan interaction activities after the announcements are official. When we had announced that team names may be coming next week, we had speculated it would happen prior to Wednesday. Now, we have two Q&A’s happening the following day. Is it possible we see some other teams coordinated a similar event? Only time will tell.

If you’re in the area, we highly suggest that you attend. This is your chance to inquire about any league related activities with members of the XFL. The location and time haven’t yet been specified, we’ll keep you in the loop when we learn more.