Kurt Angle Gives Take on Why Vince McMahon Failed with the XFL

Kurt Angle Gives Take on Why Vince McMahon Failed with the XFL

Many often regard Vince McMahon as one of the smartest business owners in the world. Only he could get millions of people to watch the sports entertainment phenomenon called WWE. However, many argue that one of Vince’s least successful ideas was the XFL and WWE Legend Kurt Angle gives his honest take on the league.

Kurt Angle was a great professional wrestler, but he was also a football player too. At Mt. Lebanon High School, Angle played as a linebacker and won many varsity letters for his skills. However, Angle leaned towards wrestling, and the rest is history.

On the Kurt Angle Show, the Hall of Famer gave his honest opinion on the XFL.

I thought it was a great concept. I mean, you know, if Vince McMahon is gonna, you know, he can do anything, he can make anything possible.”

Angle continued,

I think he had some great concepts for the XFL, for the league, and I think he had some not-so-great concepts, and it was a learning curve. In the first season, he made a lot of mistakes and there were a lot of things that the NFL picked up that Vince was doing. Camera angles and stuff like that.”

Angle even claimed McMahon tried to make the XFL more like the WWE.

He was spot on with a lot of things; he just tried to make it a little more entertaining, more pro-wrestling-ish, and I think that might’ve hurt a little bit. I believe if they were to continue the second season, Vince would’ve succeeded. He was gonna get it right the second time. He tried to do it last year, but there was no chance.”

As you’re probably aware by now, the XFL has since been purchased by fellow WWE alumni Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, along with Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital.