Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

How Was Week 4 XFL Attendance?

Going into week 4, the XFL had increased attendance each week. A lot of that was due to the staggered home debuts for Seattle and St. Louis  — both of which are the leagues two top markets so far. So…. how about this week? This is the first week that the attendance average has dipped since the league kicked-off. As stated above, it was to be expected as now all franchises have had their first home games.

  • Los Angeles Wildcats at New York Guardians — 12,116
  • Seattle Dragons at St. Louis BattleHawks — 27,527
  • Houston Roughnecks at Dallas Renegades — 18,322
  • DC Defenders at Tampa Bay Vipers — 12,249

Leading week 4 we have St. Louis at The Dome pulling 27,527 fans, followed by Dallas and the Texas Throwdown at 18,322.

  1. STL: 57,081 (2 games)
  2. SEA: 51,232 (2 games)
  3. DAL: 35,528 (2 games)
  4. HOU: 34,918 (2 games)
  5. DC: 32,194 (2 games)
  6. TB: 30,366 (2 games)
  7. NY: 29,750 (2 games)
  8. LA: 27,190 (2 games)

So far so goof for the XFL! The league has done more than prove themselves this season. We’ve seen great attendance for a first season football league; especially when you add in the fact that this is the second coming of the XFL. We’re hoping to see these numbers jump as the season goes further and in the seasons to come.