How much will the XFL pay Quarterbacks?

How much will the XFL pay Quarterbacks?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the XFL is planning on spending up to $300,000 for a quarterback. The plan is to sign eight star quarterbacks and hire on coaches by the end of March so they can start promoting to the local markets where they have teams set up. This will give them around ten months to drum up hype for the league before the first game kicks off.

This is a far cry from the minimal contracts the first wave of XFL players received over seventeen years ago. Hopefully, this kind of price tag will encourage better quality players to give the XFL a chance.

This is again according to the Wrestling Observer. I have read in various interviews that pay could be as high as $500,000 per year, so the above may not be entirely accurate. I would assume that the $300k number will be the case for a majority of the QBs joining the league, but if we see a Tebow or Manziel join that number is going to have to go up.

As always we’ll keep you in the loop as we learn more.