FOX airs XFL ad During Super Bowl LIV

The XFL finally kicks off in less than a week. One of the XFL’s broadcast partners is FOX, which is coincidentally airing Super Bowl LIV. Many had speculated that the XFL would have a Super Bowl ad due to this partnership. Those suspicions have gone from rumor to reality, you can check out the full XFL Super Bowl ad below.

This is a shorter version of the ad that the XFL on Fox Twitter account posted a day prior.

Some fans had discovered early that the league would be getting an ad during Super Bowl. The screenshot showed that the XFL would have a 30 second spot during the fourth quarter, which ended up coming to fruition.XFL Super Bowl AdThis is just another example of how the XFL is doing things much more professional this time around, and getting rewarded for it. FOX will be covering games on both Saturday and Sunday next weekend, and they clearly want to get the word out. No doubt about it, there are a lot more people aware of the new league because of this Super Bowl ad, which is never a bad thing.