Former DC Defenders QB Cardale Jones Reportedly Working Out For the Raiders

Former DC Defenders QB Cardale Jones Says He Wants Back in the XFL

Looking back to the leadup to 2020, one of the major names in the XFL was DC Defenders QB Cardale Jones.

After the XFL was forced to suspend their season due to COVID, we saw a lot of former players make the move to the NFL or CFL. But, Jones was not able to secure a spot on any teams. We did see reports that he was working out for the Raiders, but unfortunately that never panned out.

With the XFL working towards a 2023 return, it looks like they may have someone at the ready.

Cardale Jones caught up with TMZ where he told them that he is by far from retired.

The 29 year old quarterback tells TMZ that he’s working out and staying in shape, ready for any role in either the NFL or XFL.

We love to hear it, and we hope to see him back on the field soon.

The XFL and USFL have a lot of spots to fill over the next year, so it’s be a sham if Jones didn’t make the list for one of the emerging football leagues.

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