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Dwayne Johnson to Produce Documentary About USF Players Lost at Sea

Back in 2013, Dwayne Johnson was cast in the feature film Not Without Hope as University of South Florida football player Nick Schuyler, who survived 43 hours in the Gulf of Mexico after a boat capsized and three of his friends died.

But the production, titled after Schuyler’s book on the experience, stalled in the Hollywood system and the former WWE wrestler known as “The Rock” moved on to other projects.

Miles Teller will now portray Schuyler in the movie being executive produced by Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson and Grammy Award-winning singer Ciara.

But Johnson has not walked away from the story. The blockbuster star announced on Tuesday that his Seven Bucks Productions will executive produce a separate documentary on Schuyler’s tale of survival and loss.

Titled Four Down, “the film is a white-knuckle story that follows the riveting, horrific, and unbelievable accident as described in detail by Schuyler,” reads a media release.

“It’s a story about brotherhood, courage, survival against all odds, friendship, loss, and the will to live.”

In February 2009, former USF football players and best friends Schuyler and William Bleakley, along with Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper and free-agent defensive lineman Corey Smith, left for a fishing trip from the Seminole Boat Ramp near Clearwater Pass.

Their 21-foot vessel flipped in choppy waters 75 miles from shore when the men tried to free a stuck anchor by gunning the motor, according to Schuyler’s book. One by one, he wrote, his companions disappeared under the waves. Schuyler, was rescued by the United States Coast Guard.

“The documentary gives us the opportunity to invite friends and family of Marquis, Corey and Will to share their stories in first person, as well as interview members of the USCG, who are the real heroes of this tragedy,” said Rick French, who is Schuyler’s spokesperson and a producer for both the Hollywood feature film and the documentary.

This may not be XFL related, but this is great to see coming out of The Rock’s camp.