Cam Phillips, Cavon Walker, Jordan Ta'amu, and Others Waived From NFL Teams

Cam Phillips, Cavon Walker, Jordan Ta’amu, and Others Waived From NFL Teams

With the NFL season quickly approaching, all NFL teams have to trim down to a 53-man roster. This means that many talented players aren’t going to make the final cut, due to these roster restrictions. Considering the NFL was unable to have a preseason this year, it limited the reps newer signings were able to have. Because of this dilemma, it makes sense to see some of the XFL’s best talent get waived, despite their solid performances during the league’s short season. 

To start with, XFL star Cam Phillips was let go. He signed with the Carolina Panthers just 11 days ago, but as of today he has been waived from the team. Phillips led the league in receiving yards and touchdowns, with 455 yards and nine scores throughout five weeks of play. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t enough to get on the Panthers final roster. That being said, there is always a chance to see him join the practice squad. If he doesn’t make it in Carolina, and no other teams pick him up, it would be great to see him back in the XFL. 

Some other big names have also been waived as of today, including St. Louis’ star quarterback Jordan Ta’amu. Ta’amu had signed with the Kansas City Chiefs back in March, and received high praise during his tenure in training camp. It would make sense to see him picked up by another team, or make it onto a practice squad. Wide Receiver De’mornay Pierson-El, fellow Battlehawk, was also waived. He signed with the Las Vegas Raiders a few months back, but was let go today. If neither player makes it back onto an NFL team, we could potentially see them reunited in the XFL. 

Multiple defensive standouts have also been waived, including DL Cavon Walker and CB Dravon Askew-Henry of the New York Guardians. Walker signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers back in March, after his excellent season in which he compiled 4.5 sacks. Askew-Henry had signed with the New York Giants after the XFL had folded, but was also released today. 

Dozens of other XFL standouts have been waived, including:

RB Jacques Patrick and OL Kahlil McKenzie by the Cincinnati Bengals. TE Colin Thompson was let go by the Carolina Panthers. Will Clarke, DL for the Battlehawks, was cut by the Detroit Lions. The Pittsburgh Steelers also cut WR DeAndre Thompkins, WR Saeed Blacknall, OL Jarron Jones, OL Anthony Coyle, and OL John Keenoy. The Atlanta Falcons waived CB Josh Hawkins, LB Edmond Robinson, and TE Khari Lee. OL Michael Dunn, C Jon Toth, and DT Ricky Walker were released by the Cleveland Browns, and LS Nick Moore was let go by the Baltimore Ravens. CB Saivon Smith was released by the Dallas Cowboys, and OL Zac Kerin was waived by the Tennessee Titans. 

With all these talented XFL players back on the market, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see other NFL teams make an effort to pick them up. Also, some of these players who were waived will certainly have a chance to make it onto a practice squad, especially guys like Cam Phillips and Jordan Ta’amu. However, if the XFL does end up playing in 2021, we should expect to see some familiar faces back in the league.