Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

Bidders from Media and Pro Sports Industries Interested in the XFL

A recent article from Dan Primack shows that there is interest for the XFL from around the sports world. 

“Word is that there were several indicative offers that came in by an earlier June 22nd deadline, with prospective bidders coming from both the media/entertainment and pro sports worlds.”

However, we do not know who these companies are, it could be anything. We are unable to confirm any names so all that can be done is wait.

After that the article mentions that these bidders were looking to acquire the whole league and not just one or two assets, however the writers of that article are still looking for confirmation on that, but if that is true this is huge news for the league because it would confirm there is interest, and those interested saw potential and want to bring it back. 

The news has also been confirmed on twitter by Jai Nokes:


The league’s comeback is looking very good right now. If you’re an XFL fan get ready, because this is where the fun begins. Rumors could heat up now as we get closer to August 7th, but nothing will be confirmed till then. 


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