Antonio Brown mocks the XFL on Twitter

Antonio Brown mocks the XFL on Twitter

Antonio Brown is having quite a year to say the least. Between bouncing around four teams this season despite only playing two games, his sexual assault allegation and combined with his outlandish personality there hasn’t been a quiet moment.

When Antonio Brown was cut by the Raiders and later by the Patriots, a lot of fans had wondered if he would be joining the XFL. AB has since mentioned that he would never go to the XFL via live streams, but today he seems to trying to make some more enemies.

Earlier today on when a fan asked him his he would join the XFL on Twitter, AB mocked the XFL by saying that he’d buy the league and goes on to say that without him the league will only last three weeks. Laughable to say the least. You only need to look at the net worth of Brown and McMahon to know that the XFL is in much better hands of the person with Billions, compared to Millions.

This is just another example of Brown making outlandish statements to keep him in the spotlight. Many have speculated that this all may be due to CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy), but it’s really hard to say one way or the other.

Regardless, I think this should put all the rumors to bed. You will not see Antonio Brown in the XFL.