USFL Set To Announce 2022 Rule Set Tomorrow

USFL Set To Announce 2022 Rule Set Tomorrow

The USFL kicks off in less than 30 days, and every day we’re learning more about the new league. With training camp starting this week, its been expected that the league would reveal their rule set; and it looks like the expectations we’re on point.

Just now, the USFL announced that tomorrow the “rules are coming”.

We’ve heard a few rumors on different rules that may be used throughout the season. But, now we’ll finally get the full scope. It’s been said that the USFL ruleset is going to be very similar to the NFL’s, with a few tweaks.

When it comes to overtime, we may have a good idea of what’s coming thanks to Pittsburgh Maulers quarterback Kyle Lauletta. According to the Maulers star, the USFL may be looking to do something similar to what XFL fans were hoping to see in 2020; a two-point shootout. In response to why, he said a lot of it comes down to scheduling and making sure that the broadcasts don’t go over.

All eyes are now onto Wednesday when fans will finally learn the ins-and-outs of the USFL rule book. Make sure to stay up to date with all the latest with the new spring football league over at our sister-site, USFL Newsroom.

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