USFL Scouts Reportedly To Attend Hub Football Free Agent Camp

UPDATE: USFL Scouts Not Scheduled To Attend Hub Football Free Agent Camp

The United States Football League (USFL) is set to return in 2022 on FOX. Not only will the games be televised on FOX, the broadcast company has a financial stake in the company. With the latest news that the XFL will now be targeting a 2023 kickoff, there’s a lot of new eyes on the USFL.

Although we don’t know exactly when in 2022 the league plans to play, it seems they’re working behind the scenes to get ready. According to Aaron Wilson of Sports Talk 790, scouts from the NFL, CFL and USFL are expected to attend Hub Football’s free agent camp this weekend.

UPDATE: We have just received word from USFL officials that they will not be participating in this weekends Hub Football event.

Confirmed to be participating is former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews and Rahim Moore who spent time with the Broncos. Browns and Texans. Moore is also no newcomer to spring football, he also played safety for the Arizona Hotshots of the AAF and the DC Defenders in the XFL.

There’s not much known about the upcoming USFL yet, but the ball is moving in the background. The league is targeting a minimum of eight teams, with locations and coaches to be announced in the near future.

Other than 2022, we don’t have a solid timeline on when we can expect the league to kickoff. If the spring league’s of the past have any influence, we may see the USFL start their season the weekend after the NFL’s Super Bowl.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on the 2022 USFL season.

Will you be tuning into the USFL next year? What teams would you like to see make a comeback? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. I want my Arizona Wranglers back. I attended all home games. I then attended the Arizona Outlaw games. But I liked the Wranglers more.
    Jerry watson
    PS zi still have all my tickets. I even won an ATC at one of the games.

  2. I want my Chicago Blitz back, when can I buy season tickets? Note: Soldiers Field will be avalible soon!!

  3. Bring back my Tampa Bay Bandits still have all my gear hat tee shirts and a jersey. This will be a league coming at the right time as people are tiring from the political direction the NFL is heading. “The Fun Is Back” was the saying back in 83 with the USFL

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