USFL 2022 Draft Tracker

USFL 2022 Draft Results – Day 2

Day 2 of the USFL Draft will start at 9:00 AM CT on Wednesday, February 23, and will proceed until 35 rounds are completed.

During rounds 13-23, teams will have 90 seconds to execute a pick, and the position order will be: wide receiver (Rounds 13-17); safety (Rounds 18-19); center (Round 20); inside linebacker (Round 21); and guard (Rounds 22-23). The selection time will be one minute for rounds 23 through 35, and the position order will be: defensive tackle/nose tackle (Rounds 24-26); running back/fullback (Rounds 27-28); outside linebacker (Rounds 29-31); kicker (Round 32); punter (Round 33); tight end/h-back (Round 34), and long-snapper (Round 35). Teams are required to draft at least one player from each position group.

1397Birmingham StallionsVictor Bolden JrWR
1398Houston GamblersIsaiah ZuberWR
1399New Orleans BreakersShawn PoindexterWR
13100Pittsburgh MaulersJeffrey ThomasWR
13101Tampa Bay BanditsEli Lamar RogersWR
13102Michigan PanthersQuincy AdeboyejoWR
13103New Jersey GeneralsKavontae TurpinWR
13104Philadelphia StarsDevin GrayWR
14105Philadelphia StarsJordan SuellWR
14106New Jersey GeneralsJ'mon MooreWR
14107Michigan PanthersLance LenoirWR
14108Tampa Bay BanditsDerrick WilliesWR
14109Pittsburgh MaulersBailey GaitherWR
14110New Orleans BreakersJohnnie DixonWR
14111Houston GamblersJojo WardWR
14112Birmingham StallionsJoseph Emmanel HallWR
15113Birmingham StallionsOsirus MitchellWR
15114Houston GamblersAnthony Ratliff-WilliamsWR
15115New Orleans BreakersJonathan AdamsWR
15116Pittsburgh MaulersBraden MackWR
15117Tampa Bay BanditsDerrick DillonWR
15118Michigan PanthersJeff BadetWR
15119New Jersey GeneralsDarrius SheppherdWR
15120Philadelphia StarsBrennan EaglesWR
16121Philadelphia StarsDiondre OvertonWR
16122New Jersey GeneralsChristopher Platt JrWR
16123Michigan PanthersRay BoldenWR
16124Tampa Bay BanditsJordan LasleyWR
16125Pittsburgh MaulersDelvon HardawayWR
16126New Orleans BreakersTaywan TaylorWR
16127Houston GamblersTyler SummersWR
16128Birmingham StallionsPeyton RamzyWR
17129Birmingham StallionsManasseh BaileyWR
17130Houston GamblersPass - CompensatoryWR
17131New Orleans BreakersChad WilliamsWR
17132Pittsburgh MaulersTre WalkerWR
17133Tampa Bay BanditsJohn Franklin IIIWR
17134Michigan PanthersPass - CompensatoryWR
17135New Jersey GeneralsRandy SatterfieldWR
17136Philadelphia StarsMaurice AlexanderWR
17CompensatoryTampa Bay BanditsVinnie PapaleWR
18137Philadelphia StarsJack TochoS
18138New Jersey GeneralsShalom LuaniS
18139Michigan PanthersOrion StewartS
18140Tampa Bay BanditsObi Henry MelifonwuS
18141Pittsburgh MaulersArnold Tarpley IIIS
18142New Orleans BreakersDartez JacobsS
18143Houston GamblersAndrew SorohS
18144Birmingham StallionsChristian McFarlandS
19145Birmingham StallionsTyree RobinsonS
19146Houston GamblersManny BunchS
19147New Orleans BreakersPass - CompensatoryS
19148Pittsburgh MaulersBryce TornedenS
19149Tampa Bay BanditsAnthony CioffiS
19150Michigan PanthersKieron WilliamsS
19151New Jersey GeneralsDravon Askew-HenryS
19152Philadelphia StarsCody BrownS
19CompensatoryPhiladelphia StarsLaDarius WileyS
20153New Jersey GeneralsJake LacinaC
20154Michigan PanthersSean Richard PollardC
20155Tampa Bay BanditsBruno ReaganC
20156Philadelphia StarsSean BrownC
20157Birmingham StallionsJordan McCrayC
20158Pittsburgh MaulersNicholas FalahC
20159New Orleans BreakersJared ThomasC
20160Houston GamblersNick BuchananC
20CompensatoryPittsburgh MaulersBrayden PattonC
21161Houston GamblersBeniquez BrownILB
21162New Orleans BreakersJerod FernandezILB
21163Pittsburgh MaulersEJ EjiyaILB
21164Birmingham StallionsScooby WrightILB
21165Philadelphia StarsJosh BanderasILB
21166Tampa Bay BanditsChristian SamILB
21167Michigan PanthersJustin HughesILB
21168New Jersey GeneralsChris OrrILB
21CompensatoryHouston GamblersReggie NorthrupILB
21CompensatoryBirmingham StallionsJason FerrisILB
21CompensatoryMichigan PanthersTaiwan JonesILB
22169New Orleans BreakersSteven RowzeeG
22170Pittsburgh MaulersVadal AlexanderG
22171Birmingham StallionsCameron HuntG
22172Houston GamblersTyler HigbyG
22173New Jersey GeneralsMike BrownG
22174Philadelphia StarsJackson BrownG
22175Tampa Bay BanditsFreed LauinaG
22176Michigan PanthersMarquel HarrellG
23177Michigan PanthersDaishawn DixonG
23178Tampa Bay BanditsDamien MamaG
23179Philadelphia StarsPaul NosworthyG
23180New Jersey GeneralsEvan HeimG
23181Houston GamblersTerronne PrescodG
23182Birmingham StallionsPass - CompensatoryG
23183Pittsburgh MaulersJon DietzenG
23184New Orleans BreakersLiam DobsonG
23CompensatoryNew Orleans BreakersJalen AllenG
23CompensatoryPittsburgh MaulersBrayden PattonC
24185Michigan PanthersTJ CarterDT/NT
24186Tampa Bay BanditsDaylon MackDT/NT
24187Philadelphia StarsMike BarnettDT/NT
24188New Jersey GeneralsDestiny VaeaoDT/NT
24189Houston GamblersCory ThomasDT/NT
24190Birmingham StallionsWillie YarbaryDT/NT
24191Pittsburgh MaulersOlive SagapoluDT/NT
24192New Orleans BreakersShakir SotoDT/NT
25193New Orleans BreakersKamilo TongamoaDT/NT
25194Pittsburgh MaulersBoogie RobertsDT/NT
25195Birmingham StallionsHaston AdamsDT/NT
25196Houston GamblersTomasi LaulileDT/NT
25197New Jersey GeneralsToby JohnsonDT/NT
25198Philadelphia StarsChris NelsonDT/NT
25199Tampa Bay BanditsReggie HowardDT/NT
25200Michigan PanthersJaquan BaileyDT/NT
26201Michigan PanthersKyshonn TysonDT/NT
26202Tampa Bay BanditsJohn AtkinsDT/NT
26203Philadelphia StarsJerome JohnsonDT/NT
26204New Jersey GeneralsKalani VakameilaloDT/NT
26205Houston GamblersDominique DavisDT/NT
26206Birmingham StallionsPass - CompensatoryDT/NT
26207Pittsburgh MaulersJeremiah Pharms Jr.DT/NT
26208New Orleans BreakersConnor ChristianDT/NT
27209Tampa Bay BanditsBJ EmmonsRB/FB
27210Philadelphia StarsDarnell HollansRB/FB
27211New Jersey GeneralsMike WeberRB/FB
27212Michigan PanthersSteve Scott IIIRB/FB
27213New Orleans BreakersLarry Rose IIIRB/FB
27214Houston GamblersDalyn DawkinsRB/FB
27215Birmingham StallionsTony Brooks-JamesRB/FB
27216Pittsburgh MaulersGarret GroshekRB/FB
28217Pittsburgh MaulersDe'veon SmithRB/FB
28218Birmingham StallionsCJ MarableRB/FB
28219Houston GamblersMark ThompsonRB/FB
28220New Orleans BreakersJordan EllisRB/FB
28221Michigan PanthersRegginald CorbinRB/FB
28222New Jersey GeneralsTrey WilliamsRB/FB
28223Philadelphia StarsMatt Colburn IIRB/FB
28224Tampa Bay BanditsJuwan WashingtonRB/FB
29225Pittsburgh MaulersTyson GrahamOLB
29226Birmingham StallionsDemarquis GatesOLB
29227Houston GamblersAzeem VictorOLB
29228New Orleans BreakersDiondre WallaceOLB
29229Michigan PanthersTerry MyrickOLB
29230New Jersey GeneralsD'Juan HinesOLB
29231Philadelphia StarsJordan MooreOLB
29232Tampa Bay BanditsEmmanuel BealOLB
30233Tampa Bay BanditsGreg ReavesOLB
30234Philadelphia StarsTe-Von ConeyOLB
30235New Jersey GeneralsTim Walton Jr.OLB
30236Michigan PanthersFrank GindaOLB
30237New Orleans BreakersVontae DiggsOLB
30238Houston GamblersDonald PayneOLB
30239Birmingham StallionsTerrill HanksOLB
30240Pittsburgh MaulersMalcom HowardOLB
31241Pittsburgh MaulersKyahva TezinoOLB
31242Birmingham StallionsBrody BuckOLB
31243Houston GamblersDrew LewisOLB
31244New Orleans BreakersPass - CompensatoryOLB
31245Michigan PanthersTre ThreatOLB
31246New Jersey GeneralsAngelo GarbuttOLB
31247Philadelphia StarsSolomon WiseOLB
31248Tampa Bay BanditsPass - CompensatoryOLB
31CompensatoryPittsburgh MaulersBlair BrownOLB
32249Philadelphia StarsMatt MengalK
32250New Jersey GeneralsNick RoseK
32251Michigan PanthersPass - CompensatoryK
32252Tampa Bay BanditsBrandon WrightK
32253Pittsburgh MaulersPass - CompensatoryK
32254New Orleans BreakersAustin MacGinnisK
32255Houston GamblersNick VogelK
32256Birmingham StallionsBrandon AubreyK
33257Birmingham StallionsColby WadmanP
33258Houston GamblersAndrew GalitzP
33259New Orleans BreakersPass - CompensatoryP
33260Pittsburgh MaulersPass - CompensatoryP
33261Tampa Bay BanditsPass - CompensatoryP
33262Michigan PanthersMichael CarrizosaP
33263New Jersey GeneralsPass - CompensatoryP
33264Philadelphia StarsPass - CompensatoryP
34265Houston GamblersBrandon BarnesTE/HB
34266New Orleans BreakersSal CannellaTE/HB
34267Pittsburgh MaulersMatt SeybertTE/HB
34268Birmingham StallionsCary AngelineTE/HB
34269Philadelphia StarsBug HowardTE/HB
34270Tampa Bay BanditsCheyenne O'GradyTE/HB
34271Michigan PanthersJoseph MagnificoTE/HB
34272New Jersey GeneralsBraedon BowmanTE/HB
34CompensatoryHouston GamblersJulian AllenTE/HB
34CompensatoryMichigan PanthersLa'Michael PettwayTE/HB
34CompensatoryTampa Bay BanditsDe'Quan HamptonTE/HB
34CompensatoryNew Jersey GeneralsNicholas TruesdellTE/HB
35273New Jersey GeneralsScott FlanickLS
35274Michigan PanthersPass - CompensatoryLS
35275Tampa Bay BanditsRyan DisalvoLS
35276Philadelphia StarsRyan NavarroLS
35277Birmingham StallionsPass - CompensatoryLS
35278Pittsburgh MaulersMitchell FraboniLS
35279New Orleans BreakersPass - CompensatoryLS
35280Houston GamblersPass - CompensatoryLS