The Spring League Reportedly No Longer Associated with the New USFL

The Spring League Reportedly No Longer Associated with the New USFL

Last year the USFL relaunch was announced during The Spring League season on FOX.

With the USFL set to return this spring in 2022, it looks as if the league has a new set of owners; kind of. The latest round of USFL trademarks have been placed by NSFL (National Spring Football League) Enterprises Co, LLC.

With the new name, many had wondered if Brian Woods or The Spring League would still be involved in the relaunch. We can’t speak for Woods, but it looks as if The Spring League is out of the picture.

According to John Ferguson, his sources say that the two leagues are no longer working together. That is to say if they ever were officially in the first place. But, this does raise a lot of questions. What does the full scope of ownership look like in the USFL?

At the moment, the new NSFL ownership group is in talks with the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center (BJCC) to finalize a deal that would make Birmingham, AL the home of USFL in 2022. Just earlier today the two parties reached a tentative agreement that would make this a reality. They’re both hoping to have everything finalized by October 22, so we should know soon.

When the USFL relaunch was first announced, it was right in the middle of The Spring League Season. In fact, shortly before kickoff, CEO Brian Woods teased that a major announcement was coming later in the season. When the news officially broke many assumed that The Spring League would become the feeder league to the USFL. If this latest news is confirmed, where does that leave The Spring League?

We’ll continue to follow up on this story, and we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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