The Latest USFL Trademark News — Which Teams Could Return in 2022?

The Latest USFL Trademark News — Which Teams Could Return in 2022?

When we last looked at the active USFL trademarks we had a total of 98. While inspecting the trademarks further, you noticed a pattern; many were variations associated with different locations.

For instance, Austin alone had entries for the Outlaws, Gamblers, Renegades, Wranglers, Stallions and Outlaws.

Earlier this week the USFL opened their online shop, which featured four of the trademarked teams leading people to believe that we’ll see these franchises in the reboot. Featured on the site is the Birmingham Stallions, Philadelphia Stars, Pittsburgh Maulers and New Orleans Breakers.

The the National Spring Football League (NSFL, which owns the USFL) just recently reached a tentative agreement the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center (BJCC) have reached a tentative agreement to bring the USFL’s inaugural season to Birmingham. With the league targeting an April 15th kickoff, that leaves roughly six months to get everything in order.

From a broadcasting perspective, it seems like things are in good order. The USFL is not only owned by FOX, but is hoping to split the games with NBC and USA. The Spring League received little exposure, but did well in the ratings considering everything involved.

Now, let’s get to the focus of the article; the latest active USFL trademarks. When we look at the latest information on Trademarkia, it seems that the newest round of trademark applications have been filed under NSFL Enterprises Co, LLC.; which have a total of 36 trademarks. This is a steep reduction from the 98 that were registered under The Spring League, LLC.

Something interesting that stands out right away are the two logos that have been filed. One is the classic, which I’m sure everyone has seen. The other… well, just look for yourself.

USFL Trademark Logo

With the move to the National Spring Football League LLC, we’ve also seen a massive trimming of the team trademarks. As of publication we have a total of 15 team identities that are active.

One notable departure is the St. Louis Invaders, which as you can expect caused a lot of excitement when the trademarks leaked earlier this year. The Invaders made the final cut, but the city associated is that of the original league in Oakland.

As it stands, the USFL is looking to launch the 2022 season with eight teams. Four of which may be the ones that were listed on the USFL shop earlier this week.

As we mentioned earlier, time is running out between now and kickoff so we’d expect that these decisions have already been finalized. Expect being the keyword.

Although we don’t know the official timeline of discussions between the city of Birmingham and NSFL, we assume that they’re both working to close things out as fast as possible. Once everything is settled for the location, we think we’ll hear something official from the league in short order.

What teams would you like to see in the new USFL? Do you plan on tuning in during the 2022 season? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Prefer to see original USFL franchises in cities without an existing NFL team. It’s also nice to have rivalry pairs. My choices would be:
    Birmingham Stallions-Memphis Showboats
    New Jersey Generals-Orlando Renegades
    Oklahoma Outlaws-San Antonio Gunslingers
    Oakland Invaders-Portland Breakers

  2. I wonder how long the teams will be in the pod city before going to a home market? We know it will be at least one season but is two or three realistic if the USFL is making money for Fox and the XFL never enters the fray –

    Oakland and Portland would be cool but neither of those cities have a plug and play football stadium – Portland State more or less got sent packing from the MLS stadium – The Oakland COlesium is a wreck and should have been nuked 20 years ago –

    Probably the best plan would be to keep everything east of I-35 to keep the travel costs somewhat lower – there is no sense going to the west coast just to have teams out there – AAF teams out west were a joke for attendance so was the XFL Los Angeles team –

  3. This better not be a Bait N Switch Trap to launch a league thats not the USFL why get the rights to the name then switch to a different Yeah to get The attention then Come out with the truth. If it Stays NSFL I wont be mad if the Teams are still from the USFL as long as I see my Teams again and if the NSFL uses the same word art as USFL I will accept that too.

  4. I loved and attended the Birmingham Stallions games back in the 80’s. The recent news of the USFL supposedly coming to Birmingham and Protective Stadium is great. The league is setting-up itself for success by playing at UAB’s Protective Stadium where it is SAFE!!! Good people will NOT attend games at Legion Field simply because it is located in a VERY UNSAFE and HIGH CRIME AREA. Good people also do not go into that area during the daytime.

    Protective Stadium is located in a very safe, well-lit, popular area where people of all races and their families can go. As far as using Legion Field as an additional venue for some games… well, you should expect low attendance there.

    Birmingham Stallions Fan

  5. I like in Birmingham as well and if it is dangerous and unsafe how come Birmingham southern college is still located there. Also, those so called good people you taking about wasn’t complaining when they came 2 see Alabama play.

  6. Get your racist ass off this site what are good people just say what you mean “Black” people and the area where the stadium is now has just as many good as the area where Legion Field is and the area where you currently leave.

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