The Latest USFL Trademark News — Which Teams Could Return in 2022?

Potential Plans for Season 2, USFL Team Merchandise & Draft Pool Details

Since the year started there’s been a lot of news coming out on the upcoming launch of the USFL. Today, it looks like we have some more to report, including a possible look at the leagues plans for the future.

USFL President of Football Operations, Brian Woods, joined Tony Paul of the Detroit News to discuss the USFL and the upcoming Michigan Panthers. Special thanks to Zach Keilman of The USFL Podcast for breaking down everything down in our Discord.

Going into this season we’ve heard of the leagues three-year plan and their deal to host all eight teams in Birmingham, AL in 2022. As for season two, all we’ve heard was that Birmingham could host up to four teams, with the plan that all eight franchises would move to their respective cities by the third season.

When it comes to season two, it was never specified if the teams moving out of Birmingham would move to another hub or their host cities. We still don’t have an answer, but thanks to Woods’ interview with the Detroit News, we have a better idea.

According to Woods, the goal is for all teams to move to their home markets by season two. Additionally, he states that the league has been in preliminary talks with multiple venues in the Metro-Detroit area. He did also say that nothing is set in stone at the moment, so plans could change.

Woods said the goal would be for the teams to relocate to their actual markets for a second season, in 2023, but that’s not set in stone. The hub could remain, but if it doesn’t, Woods said there have been preliminary discussions about specific venues in Metro Detroit. He wouldn’t specify.

This is definitely promising news for all Michigan Panthers fans out there, it looks as if the USFL recognizes that the Michigan fans are hungry for more football.

They also discuss a topic that a lot of people have been asking about, team merchandise. If you were hoping for more, good news; it looks like it should be released over the next few weeks. At the moment the USFL shop has a few shirts for each team, but many fans have been hoping for hats and new designs. We’ll just need to wait a little longer to see what they have planned.

Moving to the upcoming USFL Draft or player selection meeting, Brian Woods dove into some more detail. At the moment the USFL has a database with more than 3,000 players. Ultimately, the number eligible for the final draft pool will be cut down to between 450 and 500 players. With the player selection meeting set for the 22nd and 23rd, we’re expecting see more news on that front shortly as well.

All in all, the USFL has done an amazing job spreading the word of their new brand of football to kickoff the year, and it looks like their moving full steam ahead with no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Recently we’ve seen FOX debut the first two 30-second promo spots for the USFL during the networks broadcast of the NFC Championship and NASCAR ‘Clash at the Coliseum’. Moving to this weekend, all eyes are on NBC for the Super Bowl; and for USFL fans the hope of seeing the first promo on the network. Considering that the debut USFL matchup between the Birmingham Stallions and New Jersey Generals is set to be simulcast on FOX and NBC, we think it’s likely.

What merchandise would you like to see the USFL release next? Where should the Michigan Panthers play in Michigan? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Hi guys I am a fan of the new jersey genarels ok. Would like to see some team caps and sweatshirts and the look for my team ok. Any thoughts of getting a team in New York. Maybe the New York renegades or something like that thanx Jacob.

  2. When the league expands, it needs a franchise in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is one of the largest and fastest-growing metro areas in the country. Plus, Ohio is the “Mother of Professional Football”. In fact, the very first game in the NFL “Old APFA”, was the Columbus Panhandles vs. Dayton Triangles. I would not take the Panhandles nickname, but instead go with the AFL Champions of 1940 & 1941, namely the Columbus Bulls! Maybe they could use the logo from the Old USFL’s Jacksonville Bulls. They only pro teams in Columbus are the NHL’s Blue Jackets and NASL’s Crew, so the USFL’s Columbus Bulls would be ardently supported and would make a great rival for the Pittsburgh Maulers & Michigan Panthers. Thank you.

  3. Royal retros for old usfl jerseys, getting one to wear to the first game. I was a kid living in Jersey when this league was started and I was a huge fan.
    The Panthers should playing Pontiac

  4. I want the Arizona Wranglers back or the Arizona Outlaws. Big fan here in Arizona.
    Jerry Watson

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