Latest USFL Promo Gives League Massive Exposure

Latest USFL Promo Gives League Massive Exposure

This past Sunday FOX aired the latest USFL promo during the NFC Championship game between the LA Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

This wasn’t like the other promos, this was the first time the network aired a full 30-second spot for the league. Beyond that, this was during one of the most watch games of the year.

But… how many watched exactly? A lot!

FOX Sports PR shared the viewership details earlier, which led to USFL Exec Edward Hartman chiming in to share that over 50M viewers were tuned in to see the latest USFL promo.

If you’re a proponent of the new USFL, you can’t be mad at that. This is huge exposure for the new league, which is set to kickoff later this year in April.

There’s no football this week, but that doesn’t mean FOX is slowing down the marketing machine. Robert Gottlieb (FOX VP Marketing) has hinted that we may see a spot for the USFL during NASCAR ‘Clash at the Coliseum’ this Sunday. Although we don’t know if it’s going to be a new promo, we can keep our fingers crossed.

Also, don’t forget that the USFL’s other broadcast partner (NBC) is hosting the Super Bowl this year. We haven’t heard that there will be a mention of the new league during the big game, but we expect it.

Now that all eight USFL head coaches have been announced, the focus shifts towards the leagues player selection meeting scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd of this month. That’s when each team will select 45-players to compile their 38-man active roster and 7-man practice squad.

FOX has put a lot of marketing efforts into the USFL recently, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anything soon.

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