Observations From The Two New USFL Promos

FOX Expected to Run New USFL Promo During NFC Championship Game

The past week was huge for the new USFL, by far the biggest for them to date. After many months of reports that the league was in talks with representatives from Birmingham, AL and Jefferson County, an event was scheduled this past Tuesday at Protective Stadium to make things official.

Everything kicked off at 12pm ET, featuring executives from FOX, local politicians and even the newly named head coach of the Birmingham Stallions Skip Holtz. Not only did the USFL officially name Birmingham, AL the headquarters for the league in 2022, they also revealed new details for the first game.

April 16th at 6:30pm CT the Birmingham Stallions will take on the New Jersey Generals, which is set to be simulcast on both NBC and FOX. This will mark the first time since the Super Bowl 1 that a sporting event has been aired across two competing broadcasters. Additionally, tickets went on sale for only $10 each and free for 15 and under.

That wasn’t all though. Two days later the USFL finally revealed the last two head coaches with another feature on The Herd.

With all eight coaches now known, and the central hub finally official it looks like FOX is ready to keep the marketing machine moving.

Ever since the final Thursday Night Football broadcast on FOX, we’ve seen the network run promos for the new league. In total, we’ve seen five 10-second promos spread out over multiple weeks.

Well, it looks like we have another one coming down the pipeline.

Sources close to the league our telling us that FOX will run a new USFL promo during tomorrow’s NFC Championship. The promo is reportedly titled ‘Restaurant’.

During the Birmingham event this past week, we’ve hard references of a restaurant meeting between USFL execs and Birmingham reps; could it have something to do with this collaborative effort? To be honest, we don’t know.

The NFC Championship takes place tomorrow night (1/30) at 6:30pm ET. Beyond tuning in for the battle between the 49ers and Rams, it looks like you can expect to see some more USFL content in the mix.

Then, we can all look forward to the Super Bowl, where we hope to see the first USFL promo on NBC.

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