Daryl Johnston Responds to Fan Criticism of New USFL

Daryl Johnston Responds to Fan Criticism of New USFL

Yesterday the USFL broke its silence and released the first set of details surrounding its 2022 season. Prior to this release we hadn’t heard anything official since it was revealed that the league would be retuning back in June.

When FOX finally opened up about its plans, they revealed their first set of hires for its executive team. Brian Woods who founded The Spring League and co-founded the USFL will serve as the leagues President of Football Operations. Joining him is Daryl Johnston as Executive VP of Football Operations, Mike Pereira as Head of Officiating, Edward Hartman as Exec VP/Business Operations and Eric Shanks as Chair of the USFL Board.

After the news broke earlier many fans were positive about what they were seeing, and as expected others didn’t share the same sediment.

In response to Ben Fisher (Sports Business Journal) reporting the execs, someone shared his concern saying “When will we learn that you need business minded folks first… not football “insiders”.

That’s when Daryl Johnston decided to chime in on the situation.

I beg to differ Jim. It’s always Football first. The fate of the AAF and the XFL had mitigating circumstances related to Business. Ratings show there is a demand for the product. We are in the process of assembling a team of Football and Business people to make @USFL a success!

In case you weren’t aware, Johnston had roles in both the AAF and XFL prior this his new stint in the USFL.

In the AAF Johnston served as the general manger of the San Antonio Commanders. When the league folded, he moved over to the XFL where he assumed the position of Director of Player Personnel for the Dallas Renegades.

Its great to see Johnston take a stand for his new project in his first official day in the role.

With the latest round of details from FOX and the USFL we now know that an April kickoff is confirmed for the league. At the moment, the reported start is set for April 15th, but nothing official had come from the USFL just yet.

What are your thoughts on the first round of hires for the USFL? Who would you like to see jump on board? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.