All Eight USFL Teams Officially Revealed on The Herd

All Eight USFL Teams and Logos Officially Revealed on The Herd

Last night the USFL tweeted that they would be dropping more news during Monday’s edition of The Herd on FS1. Shortly after that, social media accounts for the eight franchises created, potentially leaked the new teams. Giving the rumor more credibility was the fact that the accounts have since been verified on Instagram.

Shortly before The Herd kicked off the USFL once again tweeted, and confirmed that we will be learning the identities of all eight franchises today during the broadcast.

During the second hour Collin Cowherd finally got to what we’ve been all waiting for, the official announcement of all eight USFL teams. Additionally, we also got the divisional breakdown as well.

Northern Division

Southern Division

This essentially confirmed what we already suspected. With the social media accounts being verified prior to the announcement, so was the news.

He specifically mentioned that spring football can work, especially because there’s plenty of sports broadcasters dying to talk about football in the NFL’s absence.

It’s going to use a tweaked version of the NFL rules. He also spoke on the first executives to be hired by the USFL.

Shortly after the announcement, the USFL team social media accounts went live publishing the logos for each of the franchises as well!

Regardless, we love what we’re seeing from FOX and the new USFL. Everything from the teams they chose to bring back to the subtle touches on the logos.

At the time of publication we know that the USFL is kicking off in April, but the date has still not been confirmed. It’s been reported that the league is targeting April 15th.

With roughly five months until the USFL kicks off, there’s still a lot to learn. Considering that the league is looking to start practice around March 1st, a big item on the list is coaches and players.

One thing that we can say for sure, this USFL news definitely gave us something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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  1. It seems Rupert Murdoch and his cronies haven’t learned from Vince McMahon’s recent debacle of putting too many teams in NFL cities I see. Let’s rate them.

    Worth a gamble:

    Houston Gamblers
    Michigan Panthers

    Both ownerships for the Texans and Lions are god awful, that if you are going to put teams in NFL cities, these two are as good as any.
    In terms of other sports to deal with, Rockets are trash, Astros are good, no ice hockey team since the Aeros folded in the late 1970’s. And seeing how well the old Houston Roughnecks did, the Houston Gamblers should be good.
    For Detroit, Pistons are trash, Tigers and Red Wings continue to improve, but both of them aren’t ready yet. Michigan Panthers should be good as long as they can actually win, unlike the Pistons and Lions.

    Mixed feelings:

    New Jersey Generals
    Philadelphia Stars

    Sure, they are large markets, but that doesn’t mean people are going to flock to them (as the Big 10 is learning with Rutgers right now). And the number of other sports is huge!
    Let’s see, Yankees are the unstoppable force, the Metropolitans continue to “Met”, the Knickerbockers are currently struggling to stay above .500, the Nets are good, the Rangers are starting to win again, the mistake from Newark is steady, and the Islanders are struggling. Also, the old New York Guardians did very poorly. The fact this team is called New Jersey instead of New York tells me that they can’t find a suitable place to play in the city itself (obviously, the Generals don’t want to deal with Met baseball, and the Yanks already have to put up with that soccer team of theirs). I say their best shot would be to share the Rutgers football stadium, or deal with New Jersey’s soccer team formerly known as the Metrostars.
    For Philadelphia, 76ers and Flyers are struggling to stay above .500, and the Phillies continue to disappoint.
    One advantage for both markets, the Eagles, Giants and especially the Jets continue to embarrass the NFL with their pitiful decisions.
    I’m going to say that the Stars might stand a chance, but the Generals are going to struggle against the machine known as Yankee baseball.

    What are they thinking!?!:

    Pittsburgh Maulers
    Tampa Bay Bandits
    New Orleans Breakers

    Let’s see, you got one puny city that is WAY too loyal to their NFL team, not to mention also having an ACC football program (Pittsburgh). A market that JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL, is very flaky with their support of their teams, and had a FAILED XFL team for christ sakes (Tampa Bay)! And a city that just got trashed by a hurricane again in 2021 (New Orleans), and they want to put another team there!?! Unbelievable!
    Steelers, for all of their arrogance and playing down to their competition, will never be abandoned (thanks to Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Noll turning the Steelers into an institute). The Buccaneers continue to dominate. The Saints are struggling to stay above .500, but remember, hurricane, smaller population count, nowhere as loyal as Green Bay, Wisconsin.
    For the other sports, Pirates baseball continues to make a mockery of the sport. Penguins ice hockey is struggling, but like the others, have a very hardcore following, and no basketball team since the Condors folded in the early 1970’s. There is a reason why the Maulers flopped hard back in the day. So unless Pittsburgh TV ratings are good, they would need to move this team somewhere else in 2024.
    In Tampa, Lightning are Stanley Cup champions and doing well right now. Rays continue to give the Yanks and Red Sox headaches despite their untrustworthy owner, and no basketball team due to Orlando (why not place a team there?) beating them to the punch in 1989. And with the disaster of the Tampa Bay Vipers, this doesn’t bode well for the Bandits.
    For New Orleans, no baseball, no ice hockey, and Pelicans basketball is trash. But, that doesn’t mean they are a good choice to place a team down there. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make it to New Orleans in 2024.

    The logical choice:

    Birmingham Stallions

    No basketball, no baseball, Bulls ice hockey’s been dead for decades, life is good as Joe Walsh would say! Needless to say, Birmingham will deliver the highest TV ratings of these 8 markets, hands down.

    I also find the idea to name the markets that are going to get the other 7 teams in 2024 quite risky with them playing neutral site games in Birmingham for two years. Just ask the old Los Angeles Buccaneers how well they did when they played all of their games on the road back in the 1920’s! Should have just called the other teams by their name with no city/state identifier since the idea of playing all games in Birmingham for the first two years is a great way to minimize net losses. Hopefully, by the time they are ready to relocate the other 7 teams, they will place them in cities with the highest TV ratings. One can only hope.

    Interesting to note a couple of notable cities missing. Los Angeles/Anaheim, San Francisco/Oakland (but not San Jose), Chicago, San Antonio. Apparently, they are learning from the Wildcats fiasco about placing a 3rd team in flaky L.A. when support for the Chargers is still bad.
    I guess FOX doesn’t want to deal with those baseball teams (and politicians) out in the Bay Area.
    And FOX must have seen what happened when the Blitz and XFL’s Enforcers went up against the Bears. Hint: It wasn’t pretty. Still, Chicago is a better choice than Pittsburgh, Tampa and New Orleans though, and the Bears continue to suck, so?
    How much trouble would it be to acquire the San Antonio COMMANDERS name wherever it might be? Like that name better than Gunslingers anyway. Let that arena team keep Gunslingers for all I care. Ignoring San Antonio is a huge mistake.

    The Rock’s XFL can really capitalize on FOX’s team location blunders easily, even if it means that he and his partners make the mistake of placing teams in places that shouldn’t have teams.
    My guess would be:

    XFL West:

    San Francisco or Oakland
    Los Angeles or Anaheim
    San Antonio

    XFL East:

    St. Louis
    Miami (Rock is going to want a team in his hometown)

    You’ve got three places that don’t have NFL teams currently (San Antonio, St. Louis, Orlando), one market large enough for a second (San Francisco/Oakland, but not San Jose), two that could work or blow up in their faces (Dallas and Chicago), and two suicides (Los Angeles/Anaheim and Miami).
    The ball is in the XFL’s hands. Make the decisions wisely.

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