The Spring League Moves From Friday to Monday Night for Week 2

The Spring League Moves From Friday to Monday Night for Week 2

Last week The Spring League returned, and it did so in huge fashion. This year every game of The Spring League will be televised for the first time. That news alone is a big deal, but the fact that FOX is their broadcast partner is the cherry on top.

TSL’s debut on FOX pulled in a cool 380,000 viewers last Saturday when the Generals took on the Jousters. Since then some have debated on if those numbers are good enough for the league. We’re actually quite impressed with the numbers and think they have the potential to rise as more people learn that there is football on TV right now.

Week two of The Spring League was set to take place tomorrow, but a tweet from the league shows us something different. It now seems that the games will take place Monday night.

After checking, it now shows a replay of the Pacquio vs Thurman fight from 2019 in place of The Spring League South Division matchups.

The Spring League Week 2

Although there is no reason specified for the change, you must admit that it is cool to get some early Monday Night Football. The Saturday games are still slated for 3pm ET (FOX) and 7pm ET (FS2), so you’ll need to wait just a little longer to get your TSL fix this week.

Kicking off the first game of the night will see the Sea Lions battling the Generals at 7pm ET. The Blues and the Jousters will round out the night at 10pm ET; with both games airing on FS1.

What did you think of the first week of The Spring League? Which game of the second week are you looking forward to the most? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.