The Ratings are in for The Spring League's FOX Debut

Ratings For Week Six of The Spring League on FOX

We’ve finally made it through all six weeks of The Spring League. All season we’ve been keeping track of the viewership, and the number and now in.

When we reported the first numbers earlier this year, we predicted that the numbers would rise steadily throughout the season. Ultimately, we put a target of 500k for the Mega Bowl.

This weeks FOX Showcase featured the Jousters looking to stamp their ticket to the Mega Bowl, and the Sea Lions playing for pride. How did that translate into viewers? Well!

This week The Spring League pulled in 461,000 viewers to its FOX broadcast, making it the most viewed game this season.

These are great numbers for a league that essentially has no advertising, and no teams tied to cities. With the USFL retuning next year, in a partnership between TSL’s Brian Woods and FOX, things have the potential to really pull some numbers.

Not much is known about the USFL’s return, other than the league is targeting a minimum of eight teams; which will be associated with cities. The league’s site says that information on cities, coaches, teams and schedules will be revealed soon.

It seems as if The Spring League on FOX experiment was a success, otherwise we may not be seeing the USFL come back.

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