The Ratings are in for The Spring League's FOX Debut

Ratings for Week Five of The Spring League on FOX

With only one week left of The Spring League season, it’s time to check in on the ratings. So far this year, TSL is killing it thanks to their expanded broadcast partnership. Some believe this is the reason that we’ve seen FOX go all in and put funding into the return of the USFL next year.

So far, the league has been averaging roughly 400k for its game on FOX. The games on FS1 and FS2 haven’t disappointed either, pulling much stronger numbers than the league was able to draw in their 2020 season.

What do the numbers look like? Do they hold up? Let’s take a look!

Kicking off the week, we saw the Conquerors take on the Alphas, both of which were trying to stay in the Mega Bowl chase. After a tough overtime loss last week, the Conq’s came out strong and took out the Alphas 24-10. Ultimately, the game drew 75,000 viewers. Not only is it steady with what we’ve seen so far on FS1, we’d say that’s a win for the league.

This week, we wouldn’t see a doubleheader out of the North Division. Instead, we’d see the next game take place Friday on FS1 with the Linemen battling the Aviators. The Aviators would be looking for their first win of the season, and when it looked like they may secure it Jonathan Song knocked in a field goal for the Linemen giving them the edge with little time left. This matchup pulled in 81,000 viewers, on a night that The Spring League doesn’t regularly play. Not only is it above last years average, this shows the continual interest in spring league football.

Moving on to Saturday, we see the weekly FOX broadcast which generally pull in the best numbers of the week. This weeks showcase features the Generals and the Sea Lions. Both teams were looking for a win to keep their Mega Bowl Chances a live. The Generals just couldn’t be stopped though, pulling out a strong 39-27 win. The game, well, that brought in 401,000 viewers. With no advertisement and no cities, this is huge that The Spring League has been able to maintain a 400k+ average this season on FOX.

Wrapping up the week we saw the Blues taking on the Jousters on FS1. The Jousters looked to be closing out the game, but the Blues secured a last second Hail Mary to give them the win. 79,000 viewers witnessed this huge upset, and again this is great considering this was the late game on a Saturday.

Over all The Spring League has been doing fantastic this season. In my opinion, this is a major factor in FOX and Brian Woods announcing that the USFL would return in 2022. With only one week left until the Mega Bowl, we expect to see the number see a little boost going into the Championship matchup.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on all the latest TSL news.

Which game was your favorite this week? Which TSL game are you looking forward to the most next week? Let us know your thoughts down below or join the conversation on Discord.