Alphas Rebound in Week 4 by Dominating Aviators 30-6

Alphas Rebound in Week 4 by Dominating Aviators 30-6

The second game of the night will see the Alphas looking to get back in the win column and the Aviators just trying to get a win for the first time. The matchup saw a bit of a delay due to the Conquerors and Linemen going into OT in a score fest.

Shortly before the game kicked off, The Spring League announced that quarterback Vad Lee would be dressed for the Alphas, but is not expected to play tonight.

1st Quarter

The Alphas will start out the game with possession, with Brian Lewerke taking the QB spot. Lewerke had difficulty finding his rhythm to start out the drive, struggling to move the chains and ending with a massive sack from the Aviators.

Seth Suida looked to get the Aviators back into this season, but their first drive couldn’t make move the needle just yet. With Lewerke and the Aviators back on the field, things started to click. After moving the chains and getting into the rhythm, we saw some good progress for the team.

Brian Lewerke connected with Jeff Cotton to grab the first points of the matchup. The extra-point went a little wide, but they moved the score to 6-0.

Seth Suida back in for the Aviators was having a little better luck with the ball to start out this drive. Although he couldn’t get the score, he looked impressive and came close to connecting to his receiver in the end-zone on 3rd down. Feeling like things may be going their way, they opted to go for it on 4th down, but could not convert.

Lewerke continued to move the ball for the team, but couldn’t find the end-zone this time around. But, did put his team in scoring position to start the second quarter.

2nd Quarter

Nathan Hierlihy is not shy when it comes to coming in clutch. This time would be no different, knocking it in 53-yards to extend the Alphas lead 9-0 over the Aviators.

The Aviators continued to struggle, again leading to another Alphas possession. Lewerke couldn’t find the end-zone on his last drive, but that didn’t stop him from getting it done this time around. With the touchdown and the extra-point they are looking pretty good, with a 16-0 lead over the Aviators.

Again, Suida came out with a vengeance, looking better than he has all game. Just when it had seemed like Suida had converted on 3rd down, the pass was called illegal forcing them to punt away once again.

Lewerke continued to showcase his skills for the Alphas, throwing long to Ka’Ronche Higgins moving the chains and getting them in scoring position. It wasn’t the next drive, but shortly after Lewerke found Chris Clark in the end-zone giving them yet another touchdown in the matchup.

The Aviators had another chance with the ball, but the lead was becoming hard to fight back against if they couldn’t get their offense moving. When things were looking bleak, Suida took the game into his own hands, running the ball for the first down keep the play alive for the Aviators.

Suida took a good hit, taking a close-line from the Alphas defense. Coach Shea took this opportunity to give the refs a piece of his mind. This put the Aviators in a worse spot then they already were. With Suida out for the game, the team needed to put in their emergency QB Charlie Jones.

Jones doesn’t have much experience at quarterback, and the team suffered from this. The Alphas once again have the ball with their massive 23-0 lead.

The Alphas weren’t taking their foot off the gas just yet. After another smooth drive, Lewerke now found Tavon Wright to add another touchdown. With 46 seconds remaining in the half, the Aviators were staring down a 30 point deficit.

The Aviators ran the ball a few times, but they were in no rush to keep this quarter going. Coach Shea heads into the half with some major injuries and a lot of adjustments to make if they wanted to make a comeback. The Alphas would look to continue their success and secure another win on the season, putting them in contention with the Linemen for a Championship run.

3rd Quarter

The Aviators start out the half with possession, but with Suida out and forced to rely on emergency QB Charlie Jones, things were not looking good. Although Jones was able to secure a few first downs for the Aviators, they couldn’t get within scoring reach. The Alphas will not take their first possession of the half with a huge lead.

The Alphas were coasting and looking to run down the clock and grab the win. The Aviators did not want to go down that easy. Kyahva Tezino moved in position to intercept Lewerke’s pass, giving the Aviators the best field position they’ve had all night.

Although winning the game seemed far fetched, the team still did not want to get shutout. Not in great scoring position, the Aviators knew this may be their only chance to grab some points. Charlie Jones put in work for the Aviators, and it paid off. Near the goal line, Jones handed the ball off to Leroy Wilson who completed to the process and secured the touchdown.

With such a massive deficit, Coach Shea opted for a two-point conversion. Charlie Jones couldn’t finmd a receiver and ultimately tried to rush it in himself. He came close, but unfortunately this wasn’t horseshoes or hand grenades.

With the Alphas back in control, they went back to running the ball and the clock. They didn’t get into scoring position, but they were closer to victory giving the ball back to the Aviators with little time left in the 3rd.

4th Quarter

Jones and the Aviators were moving the ball a little better to kick off the 4th. The Aviators ran a lot of time off the clock, but could not score. Instead, Jones threw and interception, giving the Alphas great field position with a little over 5 minutes remaining in the game.

In his first week with the team, Brady White now came out at QB for the Alphas. They couldn’t add to their lead on 4th down, but they did waste some more time bringing it to 2:09. This pretty much wrapped up the game. The biggest highlight this quarter was the amount of time that was taken off the clock by both teams. With such a late game and the outcome pretty much determined, each team was looking to call it a night.


This game was ultimately decided early on and by the half, there wasn’t much that the Aviators could try to get back into it. Couple that with the loss of their starting quarterback and the Aviators have some adjustment to sort through going into week 5. The Alphas are now 3-1, only behind the Linemen in the North Division, whereas the Aviators are still winless; now at 0-4.

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