The Blues Shock the Jousters with Last Second Hail Mary

The Blues Shock the Jousters with Last Second Hail Mary

The Spring League moved to Houston earlier to kickoff the second half of week 5. Wrapping up the week is the Jousters taking on the Blues, in hopes to cement a championship run.

After the Generals took out the Sea Lions earlier, the Jousters will look to secure another win to stay competitive. The Blues will look to play the spoiler this week and keep their own Mega Bowl hopes alive. With only one week left in the season, there’s a lot on the line in this matchup.

1st Quarter

The Jousters will start out the matchup with possession of the ball, with Coach Gilbride opting to start Luis Perez at QB. Not finding much luck in the air, the team tried their luck on the ground. This adjustment worked well for the Jousters, bringing them in scoring position.

Although Perez came close to the end-zone, they had to settle for three. Ricky Aguayo showed up for the Jousters, knocking in a 39-yard field goal to put them up early.

The Blues would take the field for the first time today, with Connor Kaegi in at quarterback. If the team could pull out a win tonight, it could keep them in a position to make the Mega Bowl in two weeks. Daniel Allen went out with a leg injury, leaving the team with only one tight end remaining on the roster.

They were in scoring position, but they had top settle for three. In his first game for the team, Redford Jones is successful on a 34-yard attempt to tie the game 3-3.

The Jousters would get the ball again, and on this drive they would wrap up the first quarter.

2nd Quarter

Perez brought the team close to scoring, but the drive ended poorly for them. The end result was another Quinly Mauger intercepption on the season, giving the Blues the ball once again.

Kaegiu and the Blues couldn’t do much on this drive, ultimately punting away after three and out. With the Jousters back in control of the ball, they were hoping to break the tie. After almost ending the drive with another interception, the Jousters were now forced to punt the ball away.

Once again, the Blues could not overcome the Jousters defense. Going three and out, they punted it back away from their own end-zone.

Luis Perez just looked different on this drive. He continuously moved the chains and brought them in the best position to score in the matchup. When it was all said and done, that’s exactly what he did. Perez went for a long shot down the field and found Josh Simmons to grab their first touch down. The extra-point put them up 10-3 with time running out in the half.

The Blues couldn’t get any meaning full plays on this drive. Ultimately, they gave the Jousters the ball again with just about a minute to go in the half. Although the Jousters tried to add to their lead, they couldn’t make it happen before the clock ran out.

The Blues only trailed by seven at the half, making it anyones game to win. If the Jousters could pull it out, it puts them in a great position to make a Mega Bowl appearance.

3rd Quarter

The Jousters would start the second half kicking it off to the Blues. Only down one score, they had an opportunity to even it up to start things off. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side, punting away to the Jousters in quick fashion.

Drew Anderson would take over at quarterback for the Jouster, giving them a chance to extend their lead. They also couldn’t find their rhythm, giving the Blues the ball back after three failed plays.

The Blues came out with much of the same, not moving much and once again giving the ball back to the Jousters. This would also be their fifth consecutive three and out.

Anderson brought the Jousters in scoring position, but Ricky Aguayo was wide on the field goal attempt keeping the game 10-3.

The Blues would take possession, and take the game into the next quarter with no score from either team in the 3rd.

4th Quarter

The Blues had the ball, but they could make much happen. The Jousters also had trouble on offense, kicking away and botching the punt, giving the Blues great field position. With Nick Fitzgerald in at QB, he just couldn’t find the end-zone. The team, down seven, curiously went for the field goal with just over 7-minutes left.

If the Jousters could score here, it could be enough to secure the win. Additionally, the team was looking to run as much time off the clock as possible. They could extend their lead, giving the Blues a chance.

Down by four, they knew they needed to get a touchdown. Davion Davis extended the drive, receiving a crucial catch on third and long from Connor Kaegi.

It may have kept the drive going, but it wasn’t enough for the Blues. With less than 1:30 to go the team went for it on fourth down, and could not convert. This gave the Jousters the ball, they could run out the clock completely, but they brought it down to 37 seconds.

This would be the Blues last chance, with 2 seconds to go Connor Kaegi went all out and tossed a Hail Mary. It was unexpected, but he found Lucky Jackson in the end-zone to give them the game winning score.

Due to this being a slow paced game, this keeps the Generals well in the Mega Bowl mix. The Jousters looked to be the winners tonight, but the Blues had something else to say about that. In exciting fashion they completed a last minute pass to go 3-2 on the season and take the Jousters down a notch.

It all comes down to week six for the South Division, and we’ll have to wait and see who will make it into the Mega Bowl in Houston.

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