Sea Lions Hand The Generals Their First Loss in TSL History

Sea Lions Hand The Generals Their First Loss in TSL History

The first game of Monday’s doubleheader saw the Sea Lions taking on the Generals in a rainy Rice Stadium. The South Division games were originally set to take place Friday night, but in a twist of events we’re getting Monday Night football early in the year.

The rain was coming down pretty heavy in Houston during the afternoon. Although it lightened up as the game was set to begin, lightning was reported in the area causing a delay to the game.

While the networks waited the rain out, FS1 aired a replay of last weekends matchup between the Generals and Jousters. Unfortunately, the rain took longer than initially expected causing The Spring League to adjust their South Division schedule once again. The Jousters/Blues game which was scheduled for 10pm ET will now take place Tuesday at 8pm ET on FS1.

TSL put an update out on Twitter first stating that the earliest the game would begin would be 8:36pm ET, but due to more lightning was pushed until a little past 9pm.

1st Quarter

To open up the game, the Sea Lions got off to a quick start. DeAndre Johnson looked sharp, and they moved the ball with ease – but a batted ball at the line by Westbrooks forced them to punt.

The Generals followed in a similar vein, as they picked up a couple first downs, but could not get past mid field.

On the Sea Lion’s second drive of the day, it was the Ladarious Galloway show. Galloway played in the FCF this year, and balled out in that league. He strung together a couple of solid gains, and then leaped into the endzone to put his team on top 7-0.

The Generals started to march the ball down again, but wet conditions forced some dropped passes, and a Heath Williams sack ended that drive midfield.

2nd Quarter

The Sea Lions continued to move the ball well, despite losing RB Adam Choice to a leg injury. Johnson made some slick throws to put them in the red zone, but Baron missed a short kick, and it remained 7-0.

Ryan Mallett looked annoyed in the second quarter. Some dropped passes, and missed calls put the Generals’ offense in slow motion, as they failed to push the ball down the field whatsoever.

Towards the end of the 2nd quarter, the Generals finally caught a break. Despite an impressive drive from the Sea Lions, a tipped pass was intercepted by Brandon Mayes.

After the turnover, Ryan Mallett marched the Generals down the field quickly, and they were able to kick a field goal before time expired in the half.

3rd Quarter

The second half kicked off with Darnell Holland setting up the Generals in great field position. Paul Terry picked up some important yardage, and then Mallett found Devin Gray for a 15 yard TD to put the Generals on top for the first time.

DeAndre Johnson was ready to respond, as he efficiently marched the Sea Lions down the field. However, a tough penalty put them in a 3rd and 22 situation. Then, Johnson shocked the entire TSL fanbase by dropping a 38 yard dime to Andrew Jamiel, which put the Sea Lions back in front.

Similar to most of the first half, the Generals started to march down the field, but Mariner fumbled the ball away, ending that drive early.

A massive sack from Michael Scott forced the Sea Lions to punt – but Spencer Tears muffed it, and Jalen Choice recovered for the Sea Lions deep in Generals territory.

4th Quarter

Despite the great field position, the Sea Lions could not capitalize. On 4th and inches, DeAndre Johnson tried a QB sneak, but was unable to convert.

However, Ryan Mallett decided to gift the Sea Lions right back, throwing an interception to Jalen Choice two plays later. Once again, the Generals defense held up, so the Sea Lions settled for a field goal to make it a seven point game.

The entire fourth quarter was filled with ridiculous sequences of turnovers. It almost seemed like both teams were doing whatever they could to keep the other side in the game.

After marching his team back down the field, Mallett was intercepted by Garrett Davis. But, Ladarious Galloway was popped a few plays later, and gave the Generals possession in excellent field position.

Ryan Mallett was quite frustrated throughout the game, and for good reason. On 3rd and 13 he threw a perfect pass, but it was dropped, and the Generals had to kick a field goal.

As time trickled down towards the end of the game, Johnson made an incredible throw to keep the Sea Lions drive alive – but, the Generals were able to take over with under a minute left to play.

Unfortunately, the game ended on a controversial call. As time was ready to expire, it appeared as if one of the Sea Lions lineman jumped offsides, which should have given the Generals a free play. Ryan Mallett ended up throwing the ball away, thinking they would have one more shot. It turned out that the refs missed it, and the game ended.

The Sea Lions ultimately held on to pick up their first win of the season, while the Generals lost for the first time in franchise history.


Generally speaking, this game was one of the best so far in the TSL’s 2021 season. Both teams had some standouts, especially the Sea Lions.

DeAndre Johnson looked way better than he did in week one. He made the right reads, the right throws, and looked confident in the pocket. Johnson finished the day with these stats: 18/24, 195yds, 1 TD, 1 INT. Ladarious Galloway also made a big impact, rushing for 120 yards and a touchdown.

Compared to last week, Ryan Mallett’s stats certainly look worse: 14/30, 164yds, 1 TD, 2 INT. However, he simply caught some bad breaks. Several crucial throws were dropped (granted, the wet conditions made things tough) – but, he was on the money in multiple situations that ultimately got the Generals nowhere.

If the Sea Lions can cut out some of the dumb mistakes they had, this will be a scary team to face. Johnson is playing at a high level, and Ladarious Galloway is a rock star. The Generals have some tough competition this year, that is for sure.

What did you think of last night’s game between these two teams? Are you enjoying watching The Spring League? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!