New Jersey Generals Win Third Straight — Maulers Remain Winless

Week two continues with the second Peacock exclusive of the season. Opening things up today is the New Jersey Generals taking on the Pittsburgh Maulers, who are still looking for their first win.

The Generals came back from behind to defeat the Philadelphia Stars last week, and will look to continue their winning streak. The Maulers have had an up and down season so far, none of which have resulted in a victory.

1st Quarter

The Maulers will start the game with possession and Coach Wilson opted to put Kyle Lauletta in to begin the drive. Lauletta started well and was able to move the chains on a couple occasions.

The Maulers were doing well and bringing to clock down. After roughly 7 minutes into the drive Lauletta went long and almost found his receiver in the endzone , only to drop the ball. This brough the team to 4th down, forcing to punt away to the Generals to give them the ball for the first time of the afternoon.

Coach Riley has been dedicated to a two-QB system this season, but after De’Andre Johnson’s performance last week, he’s getting the start. If he produces ell for the team on this drive, it’ll be interesting to see if Riley brings Perez into the mix.

The Maulers defense did their team well, forcing a quick three and out for New Jersey and punting it away.

The drive didn’t last nearly as long this time around for Pittsburgh. New Jersey put on the pressure to force a quick punt.

Coach Riley was sticking with De’Andre Johnson with the rock, bringing him back on the field for the next drive. Johnson was switching things up this time around, using his arms a little more. It turned out to be a good adjustment as Johnson found Alonzo Moore wide open who was able to take it the rest of the field for the first touchdown of the afternoon.

The extra-point puts them up 7-0 over the Maulers with 3:01 left in the first quarter.

Lauletta came back in, but still couldn’t reproduce the movement of his initial drive. When presented with 4th don and far from striking distancethey were once again forced to give it back to New Jersey.

2nd Quarter

De’Andre Johnson couldn’t find his rhythm this time around, giving it back to Pittsburgh to start the second. Coach Wilson opted to keep Lauletta in the game. He looked very good during his first drive, so it’s easy to see why. The team continued to struggle, but found themselves in field goal position. Ramiz Ahmed came out and knocked it in from 47-yards out to give them their first points since week two.

Johnson came back out for New Jersey and the team relied on their running game to see some early success.

They ended up stuck in a 4th and short situation, but Coach Riley ultimately decided to go for it. Johnson was able to sneak it in to move the chains and continue the drive for the Generals.

Johnson continued to shine with the ball, bringing the team within 10-ards of the endzone. On the very next play he handed it off to KaVontae Turpin who was able to get the team second touchdown of the afternoon. The extra-point gave them a 14-3 lead with a little over 2-minutes remaining in the half.

Kyle Lauletta and the Maulers would have another chance to add some more points before the half concluded. It looked as if Pittsburgh had scored a touchdown, but the play was reversed after a penalty. It brought the Maulers closer to the endzone, but they still needed to put in the work to earn six. With 20-seconds left and Pittsburgh at the goal line, they were able to grab their first touchdown of the afternoon.

The extra-point brings them within 4-points against New Jersey going into the second half.

3rd Quarter

The Generals started off great with Cameron Echols-Luper returning it long giving New Jersey great field possession.

De’Andre was looking like he may have a slight leg injury, and on 3rd down Coach Riley brought in Luis Perez for the first time of the matchup. It didn’t take long for Perez to make something happen. He ultimately handed it off to Darius Victor to grab another Generals touchdown. After everything was said and done, thy now led the Maulers 21-10 early in the 3rd.

Again, the Maulers were able to bring a good amount of time off the clock, but could no add any more points. Coach Wilson opted to have Ramiz Ahmed go for a long 55-yard field goal, but it ended up going wide-left keeping the score the same.

New Jersey was gifted with great position, starting at heir own 45, giving them a great opportunity to add to their lead.

4th Quarter

KaVontae Turpin had a huge running play for New Jersey to start the 4th, bringing them all the way to the 15-yard line.

The next play saw a high snap, which had De’Andre chasing down the ball, losing 18 on the play.

This was enough to force New Jersey to go for three. Nick Rose was initially good from 41-yards out, but after a delay of game he had to try again from 46. This time he was not able to get it through the uprights keeping the score the same.

Madre London performed great for Pittsburgh, giving them their biggest running play of the afternoon. This also brough the Maulers within 27-yards of the endzone.

Lauletta tried to go deep to Hunter Thedford, but there was too much traffic to pull it in. The next play went incomplete, putting them at yet another 4th down. Coach Wilson put Ramiz Ahmed back out there in hopes to chisel away at the Generals lead. Ahmed found the uprights, making it a one possession game with the new UFL rules.

Perez came back in for the Generals, hoping to add their their lead and give them some breathing room.

Alonzo Moore had another big run after a pass from Perez, keeping the drive going and bringing them closer to scoring position. After that Play, Moore now had over 100-yards on the day.

The Maulers defense then picked up the slack to push back New Jersey and stop them from getting another touchdown.

Coach Riley brought out the kicking unit, which if successful would make it a 2-posession game. Unfortunately for the Generals, Nick Rose went wide on the 43-yard attempt keeping the score the same with 2:30 left in the matchup.

The Maulers had the ball, and possibly their last chance to form a comeback this afternoon. You could sense the urgency in the team, as they were going all out to continue the drive.

One 4th and 3, Lauletta was unable to find his man going incomplete and giving the Generals the ball with 1:04 left.

The Generals ran out the rest of the clock giving them their third straight win this season. Had is been for a few changes in week one, we may be looking at an undefeated New Jersey franchise. Pittsburgh continues to struggle, and it may seem like there’s no end in sight.

We’re now halfway through week four, which has been your favorite USFL matchup so far? Which game are you looking forward to the most? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.