Jousters Defeat The Sea Lions Bringing Them Closer to the Mega Bowl

Jousters Defeat The Sea Lions Bringing Them Closer to the Mega Bowl

Only two games remain in The Spring League season before the Mega Bowl. Kicking off the action today is the Jousters and the Sea Lions in this weeks FOX showcase.

It all comes down to this last week, as the Jousters, Blues and Generals will all attempt to secure a spot in the championship. At the moment, the Jousters lead the pack in points, but they share a 3-2 record with both the Blues and Generals. The Sea Lions are out of contention, but have the opportunity to play spoiler this week.

1st Quarter

The Jousters would start the game with the ball, and after a solid return they had great field position. Luis Perez would start the half at QB, as normal, and looked great. He was able to move the ball both on the ground and in the air, bringing them in the red zone.

Although they got close, they could not find the end-zone. Austin Jones, who just joined the team, came out to put them on the boards with a 31-yard field goal.

DeAndre Johnson and the Sea Lions now had their first opportunity with the ball, hoping to keep this game competitive. Ladarius Galloway continued to look like a well oiled machine today, as he has all season. On his first rush of the afternoon, he locked in the leagues rushing title.

DeAndre Johnson then took the ball into his own hands, rushing the ball himself. He brought the team within 20, and wanted to keep the chains moving. The Jousters defense had their own goal, keep the Sea Lions to three; and that’s just what they did.

Garrett Hartley tied up the game from 28-yards away.

Perez and the Jousters took the field again, looking to build on the momentum of their first drive. They were looking good, but Perez had a trick up his sleeve. On 3rd down he went long to Joshua Simmons for one hell of a touchdown. With the extra-point good, they now had a 7 point lead.

The Sea Lions had control once again, and would end the 1st quarter with a at 3rd down.

2nd Quarter

Moving into the 2nd, DeAndre Johnson found Devonte Turpin moving the chains to start things off. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep that up on this drive, giving the Jousters the ball again.

The Jousters now had a one score lead and the ball, looking to extend it as much as possible. Perez was looking in great shape today, moving the ball better than he has all season.

They were near the end-zone, Perez tried to fake a handoff, only to get sacked in return. They couldn’t convert on 3rd down, brining out Austin Jones once again.

This time Jones went good on a 38-yard attempt, extending their lead to 10.

The Sea Lions wanted to get some more points before the half ended. Jamiel came out strong again for his team, securing a huge reception to bring them into enemy territory. The Jousters defense then came out even stronger, pushing the Sea Lions back 10. This was enough to stop them from grabbing another 1st down.

But, that didn’t stop QB Ben Holmes, who tried his best to bring them close. On 4th down, the team knew they had to go for it if they wanted to stay competitive. This worked in their favor as Holmes found his target at the 2-yard line, putting them at 1st & Goal.

The defense and offense came to blows, but the Sea Lions came out strong on the next play. Holmes handed it off to Ladarius Galloway to grab the Sea Lions first touchdown of the afternoon.

With only 24 seconds remaining in the half, the Jousters tried to add even more to their lead. They ended it out with Austin Jones trying to knock in a 59-yard field goal. As expected, it went wide and the clock now read zero.

You can expect Coach Gilbride to look at what’s worked so far and try and expand on that in the second half.

The Sea Lions will look to play spoiler in the south. At the moment, it’s anyones game and it should be an exiting second half to say the least.

3rd Quarter

The Sea Lions will have a chance to keep their momentum going, taking the ball to start the half. They had the opportunity, but could not produce on offense. Their drive ended with a punt, giving the Jousters their first possession of the half.

Drew Anderson now came out at QB, looking to extend his teams lead. He was looking smooth out there, getting past mid-field after finding Tyler Palka. Anderson took the ball to run it himself on the next play, bringing them close to another 1st down.

The Sea Lions defense was having no part of this, pushing them back on the next play. This also put them out of field goal position, giving the Sea Lions the ball again.

There was still plenty of time in this game, anyone could put this out. The Sea Lions wanted to be that team. Ben Holmes tried his best, when stuck at 3rd & 8, he tried to run it for the first down but could not get through the resistance. They ended up turning it over on downs, giving the Jousters the ball and great field position.

The Jousters would end the third with the ball, rounding out a scoreless quarter.

4th Quarter

Drew Anderson started things out, securing a 1st down with a quarterback sneak. The team had a lead, but it was slim and with a loss they are out of the Mega Bowl.

They couldn’t get it moving enough to get a touchdown, but Coach Gilbride opted to send Austin Jones out to try his leg at a 48-yard field goal attempt. Luckily for the team he was solid, extending their lead to 16-10.

The Jousters defense came out strong on the kickoff, forcing a fumble and recovering the ball near the 30.

They are now well within field goal position, which would make it a two score game. First, the team wanted to try their hand at another touchdown.

Drew Anderson was out to make a name for himself, driving the ball himself giving the team another first down. The team came close, but were presented with 4th & 1 only 8-yards from the goal-line. The Sea Lions defense made a crucial mistake, going offsides giving the Jousters a free first down and moving them to the 4-yard line.

This was the opening that the Jousters needed. Anderson tossed the ball to Anthony Ratliff-Williams on the outside, who was able to run it in. Going for the kill, Coach Gilbride opted to go for two. This worked out, after a successful conversion they now had a solid lead with less that 7 minutes left.

The Jousters were on fire today. Shortly into the Sea Lions drive, Holmes threw the ball away giving the Jousters another interception on the day.

DeAndre Johnson would come back out at QB for the Sea Lions, but there wasn’t much time left if they wanted to pull this out. The team was forced into a 4th down situation, going for it and converting. Although this kept the drive alive, there was less than 3 minutes to go.

The Jousters defense was just too much for the Sea Lions today, grabbing yet another interception and giving the ball with 2 minutes remaining. Rather than score, they rant the time out giving them a huge win.

The Generals are going to need to score a lot tonight if they want to keep their Mega Bowl chances alive. The Generals will need a win and 46 points, whereas the Blues need a win and 82 points.

The Spring League South Mega Bowl

Right now, it looks as if we’re going to see the Linemen and the Jousters next week, but we’ll just need to wait patiently until later tonight.

Who do you think will win tonight’s matchup between the Blues and Generals? Who do you think we’ll see take on the Linemen in next weeks Mega Bowl? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.